Is it a Coincident?

The other day I was thinking about what is real. I explored some ideas I've come across in my search for reality. I'm not sure if these ideas are from something I've read or seen in a movie or where.

1. There are the physical limits of our perceptions: optical illusions, night vision...
2. Then there are the philosophical disagreements on the actual nature of reality: physical matter only or spiritual only or some combination.

I have a feeling that there is something missing in what we experience.
A thought came to me. The possibility of the existence of events and even beings in the brink between what is assumed to be real and what is assumed to be fictitious is not easy to ignore. I thought about one of my favorite authors Poe who wrote about the strange.

Then by chance or maybe it wasn't chance. Maybe something in the nature of things led me to find while I was at the post office a stamp of Edgar Allen Poe. I bought two stamps. Later I remembered a quote of his. It's under the stamps below.
Coincidence? Or something in the scope of "reality" reaching out to me in response to my thoughts?

All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
~Edgar Allen Poe

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  1. the orange tic tac coincidence... some creep on the bus gives me orange tic tacs "you look like an orange tic tac girl.." and then i get in the car w/ you two and you pull out orange tic tacs! and i have not once in the past ten years bought any type of tic tac -- let alone orange ones..



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