Absinthe and the Green Fairy

I don't drink alcohol because according to my doctor it may induce a seizure. Several years ago I had a major seizure while I was asleep. I was rushed to the hospital and started on medication.  After several minor blanking out episodes my medications were adjusted.  Now I'm OK.
Sometimes I wonder if I should try a small drink.  Now I drink alcohol-free beer. I like O'Doul's with the green label. I've had one small glass of sangria without any problem.

I saw a documentary on Netflix about the history of absinthe.  I didn't know the drink was banned until about 2008!

"A potent green aniseed-flavored liqueur 
that turns milky when water is added.
 Prepared from wormwood, 
it is now largely banned because of its toxicity."

It's a very strange drink. I'm sure the combination of herbs has something to do with its effects. It can't just be the alcohol!

Watch the Netflix film.  It's very good.

Here is a short history (much shorter than the one you can find on Netflix):

Below is a video demonstrating the ceremony involved when drinking absinthe:

From Wiki:

The debate over whether absinthe produces effects on the human mind in addition to those of alcohol has not been conclusively resolved.
...some of the herbal compounds in the drink act as stimulants, while others act as sedatives, creating an overall lucid effect of awakening.

The effects of absinthe have been described by some as mind opening. The most commonly reported experience is a 'clear-headed' feeling of inebriation — a form of 'lucid drunkenness'.

In the year 2007, almost 100 years after absinthe prohibition, the alcoholic spirit absinthe was once again legalized, but only those Absinthes, which contain less than 10mg of thujone.In the European union 35mg are legal
(Plants with high concentrations of thujone include white cedar, tansy, wormwood, and sage. Thujone is believed to be toxic to the brain and nervous system. It is likely to cause seizures when consumed in quantity or consumed regularly over a period of time. ...)

I wonder if a non-alcoholic version can be made, maybe from a combination of teas.

Sweet Pea

My wife Lynette likes to listen to the "oldies" while she takes a shower.  I was in the bedroom when this song came on. After all of these years it still makes me smile. It has a very catchy tune with simple lyrics.
I found this video on YouTube. I love the innocent looking girl. It was nice of  Tommy Roe to sing the song to her.

Tommy Roe 

I went to a dance just the other night 
I met a girl there she was out of sight 
I asked a friend of mine who she could be 
he said that her friends just call her Sweet Pea 


Oh Sweet Pea 
come on and dance with me 
come on come on come on and dance with me 
Oh Sweet Pea 
come on and be my girl 
come on come on come on and be my girl 

I walked on over and asked her to dance 
thinkin' maybe later of makin' romance 
but every guy there was thinkin'; like me 
I had to stand in line to get a dance with Sweet Pea 

(chorus repeat) 
I finally got to whisper sweet words in her ear 
convinced that we oughta get away from there 
we took a little walk I held her close to me 
and underneath the stars I said to Sweet Pea 

Oh Sweet Pea I love you can't you see 
Love you love you love you can't you see 
Oh Sweet Pea come on and be my girl 
come on come on come on and be my girl

Two hamsters, one wheel

Here's a video I found on a very funny Blog. My wife and I were laughing out loud.
The blog link:


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