Basement Progress

Here's what my basement looks like now!
I had flood damage when the hurricane passed by last year and the basement became moldy.  It was always a little damp, especially as the house got older. But the storm turned it into a "mold growing machine".

The old wall coverings and ceiling tiles had to be removed.  Then the contractor scrubbed the walls with bleach to kill the mold.  Three coats of waterproof paint will cover the cinder blocks. I'm lucky my wife insisted on getting flood insurance.

I had to move the furniture into the partially completed area.

It should turn out even better than before the flood
I'll keep you posted as the project progresses. 


  1. That was a terrible disaster and it is fantastic that your wife had the good sense to talk you into getting flood insurance.

    It looks to be coming along nicely now. Best wishes to you both getting your basement back in order...

    1. I know. It's a great relief. Regular homeowner's insurance does not cover floods.
      The insurance won't pay 100%. It pays about 80%. but after all the work is done it will be better than before.

  2. Oi, that looks bad :/
    Fortunately you had an insurance. I hope that your repair succeeds well.


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