Road's End

(For the best viewing of this video go full screen and turn the sound up loud.)

Mister Sandman

When I was a very young boy I remember being so afraid of falling asleep that I used to bring a small bottle of water to bed with me.  When my eyes began to become dry it would feel like there was sand in them.  I would sprinkle some water in them so I could stay awake.  I'm not sure what I was so afraid of.  This video reminds me about it.

(For the best viewing of this video go full screen and turn the sound up loud.)

Magical Video

(For the best viewing of this video go full screen and turn the sound up loud.)

I Would Never Stay There!

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark!

The other night I watched one of the most frightening movies I've seen in a long time.  It's a little early for Halloween.  The creatures collect human teeth; sort of monster tooth fairies. I watched it on Netflix.  They are small, about the size of rats. But that just makes them even more threatening.

Here is the trailer.  Turn up the volume and go full screen for best results:

Haunted by Goblins

Objects disappearing then reappearing again in the same or a different location. It’s as if some invisible creature moves things around to watch my frustration as I search for what it took.

The other day my wife bought a bottle of hair dye. When she came home the bottle was gone. I helped her look for it. It wasn't in the car or on the lawn or anywhere. It was a goblin who took it. Two days later we found the hair dye bottle in the refrigerator!

Sometimes it’s my keys, a wallet, a bill or anything. I know the logical explanation is that I forgot where I put them, but I know better.

I’ll have to keep watching for them until someday I catch one in the act. The problem is that if I do manage to catch the creature it will probably scare me to death.

Maybe I should just learn to live with it. That’s the safest way to go. I’ll take the blame and say I forgot or lost the item myself.

Goblins are evil, mischievous, constantly annoying creatures. Only a few inches tall they possess magical abilities.

Three Stone Images

These images are from a very interesting blog:
Here is the link: Home

  This is my favorite!

Trailers from Past Horror Movies

Here are trailers from some of my wife Lynette's favorite old time horror movies. They're tame by today's standards.

Sometimes I get a good laugh.

Mad Love (1935)

The Uninvited 1944

The Haunting is good!
The Haunting 1963

Reflection from the Plastic Cover on an Empty Canvas

I saw this reflection on the plastic cover of the canvas as I entered the room.  It was as if it had painted itself!
Here are two closer images:

I had some fun editing the image.

 A final framed version:

A Monday in Autumn 2013

I was feeling a little sad.  There was no real reason.  I'm ashamed because I have so much to be grateful for. Maybe it's just a spell of low energy.

My mood gradually picked up when I spent some time outside.  I played with my camera which also helped.

I made two videos.

Here are some moving shadows on the floor, from the tree outside my bedroom window.  

Louis Zamperini, An American Hero

I first learned about Louis Zamperini from Kay G. Her site: Georgia Girl With An English Heart

The video from 2012 CBS broadcast about his life:

Meeting People

I just joined the Sons of Italy with my wife.  We needed a way to get out and meet people.
Tomorrow we'll have dinner with the group.  The members are mostly middle aged and over.
At first I did not feel I was old enough to fit in.  It's scary but in fact I'm older than I feel!

I'm also going to look for a younger group of people to join.  I'm hoping some of their energy will rub off on me!

There will be a grab bag auction with the proceeds going to charity.  The bags will have inexpensive new or slightly used articles

We're bringing two bags. One has a picture frame and the other has a journal and pens.

Understanding the Introvert

I have to admit it. I'm an introvert and this article explains it best. I need friends as much as anyone but I just find it difficult. 
Anyway, I'm better off this way than being with people who are phony and manipulative. 

Here is a copy of the article from the "Lifehack" site:

The website is on my list of interesting sites.


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