My First Two WeRelate Genealogy Pages

These pages are not complete. I want to put in some biographical information. Then I'll add whatever I can find to make a family tree. 

I'll have to work with a small family.  My parents are no longer living.  I never met my grandparents. Before the 1900's my family roots go back to Italy.

I'll add pages from whatever I know about the family even if it's only their first and last names; maybe where they lived.  

My parents were married here: Minturno, Latina, Lazio

I know that the further back in time I go the results will be less reliable. Putting in the references from birth, death and marriage certificates will be proof that the information is valid.

Maybe I'll get lucky and find someone from the family looking for any information I might have.


  1. John, I think that we *should* know our family history. But most of us don't start until there's no one left to talk to about it. I tried to do and did get a lot of info... to a point. Most of us whose family came over from outside the country can only go back so far - or at least that's been my experience. My paternal grandparents brought their kids over from England in the early 1900's and I can find a good bit about them, but try to find info in Ireland before that... and it's been a no go. But you may have more luck. I hope so.

    1. Thanks for the information. I'll probably run into the same situation.

  2. Interesting. My great-grandparents were also from Italy. (Hones is a pen name).

    1. I wonder if our ancestors knew each other.


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