Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Caboose

I found this railroad car on display at Clearbrook Park.  It looks like it was recently painted a bright red, just as I picture a caboose to be.

The wheels seems strong and secure.

Here the break is just stating to touch the wheel on the left.

Weed Garden 2014

These are photos of what grew in my tomato garden this year.  My back hurt too much for me to do any gardening. I just let the weeds grow.
In their own way they are beautiful.

A leftover tomato plant from last year came back
but it stayed small and grew no tomatoes. 

This tall weed looks like some sort of bush.

This is a closeup of its main stem.  I like the green and white vertical stripes.

I wonder if these pods will blossom
 or if they are filled with seeds for next year.

Genealogy of My Father's Branch of the Family

Genealogy on my father's side of the family stops at:

Angela Di Clemente (the grandmother I never met)
Named as the mother of Antonio Mallozzi
1. On his Death Certificate (16 July 1971)
2. On his Marriage Certificate (8 November 1947)
There is no further documentation.

Giovanni Mallozzi (the grandfather I never met)
Named as the father of Antonio Mallozzi
1. On his Death Certificate (16 July 1971) (Named "John")
2. On his Marriage Certificate (8 November 1947)
There is no further documentation.

I also have a few photos of people I do not know and there is almost no documentation to verify that we are related.  

But they most likely are relatives.  
~Otherwise, why would the photos be kept for all these years?
~Also, they look like they could be family members.

There is a military background.  
Now this military history belongs in Italy where my father was born.  He was in Mussolini's army as a cook (most likely drafted!); in Eritrea which is an African country to the north of Ethiopia on the Red Sea.  In a short time he became a prisoner of war under the English army.

After the war he married my mother.  She was an American citizen who grew up in Italy.  They moved to Brooklyn, New York where he soon became a naturalized citizen.

Now here is the evidence for a military background of my earlier relatives. 

My father

My grandfather?

My great grandfather?
Some other relation?
Just a nice photo? 

Notice how the last two photos are mounted on a piece of cardboard.  
"From the second half of the nineteenth century and up until the early twentieth century it was customary, with virtually no exceptions, the 
assembly of photographic prints on cardstock media."
 It was called the Margarita (daisy) photographic style.


 Daisy Format - Wikipedia

Why I believe they are my relatives:
~square shape of their heads.
(My head is not as square shaped and my eyes and nose are more like my mother's)

Finally there is the helmet. It took a while but I found the origin.

Evidence on back of photo:

I'm sure that must be my father's signature but maybe it could be his father's.  
I like the different style for the letter "A" and "M".

It has the Italian spelling for Piedmont (Piemonte).  

There is the Royal Cavalry (Reale Cavallera)

There seems to be a division number ("nel II..?)

February 1931 was before World War II; which began in Europe about 1939.

Italy was under a king at the time. 
Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy (29 July 1900 – 9 May 1946)

Next I'll have to find a way to go back further into the history.  
This is all I have.

September 1, 1914; Is the Passenger Pigeon Gone Forever?

I found the idea for this post from a very interesting blog called "Georgia Girl With An English Heart".

Here is the link to her original post:
Georgia Girl With An English Heart- Passenger Pigeon -Fold The Flock-

This video describes the problem:

My lighthearted attempt at the "Fold the Flock" project.

I found a site which offers some hope for bringing back the species.
This video explains the research:

Link to the research site:
"Revive & Restore"Home

This link is for a detailed video about the research:

View the complete documentary here

Say a prayer that the project becomes a success.

Born To Be Wild

This evergreen or weed sprout was doing well growing between bricks.  But when I transplanted it into a pot it died.

I found two more sprouts but the same thing happened.

They were born to be wild. 

"Like a true nature's child
We were born , born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never wanna die."

~Lyrics from Steppenwolf's song.

The Confederate States of America Memorial

This monument is located in Old Town Winchester in Virginia.  Small shops and restaurants line the straight two block long mall.

Many years ago when I first saw this statue I was surprised that a monument to the losing South was on display.  But even though they lost the Civil War the soldiers still deserve to be remembered.

It doesn't show in the photo but his belt buckle has the letters CSA instead of USA to indicate the Confederate States of America.

The sun was bright the day I took these photos so they're not as clear as I'd like.  I zoomed in on the plaque from across the street.

"In lasting honor of every confederate soldier
 from Winchester and Frederick County 
who faithfully served the South"

I believe it's better the way the war ended but sometimes I wonder how it would be in the modern world if there were two countries:

The United States of America
The Confederate States of America.

Would the relationship be friendly, like the relationship we now have with Canada?

What affect would this have on the two world wars?

We'll never know.

The Evil Jester & "The Balloon"

Try full screen & high volume for best effect.


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