The Lonely Forest Fairy

I found this video on:

The link: Linda's Peaceful Place

For me the video (Paul Mauriat -Isadora) shows an innocent garden fairy in the woods.

Try making it full screen with a stronger sound for a better effect.

Miniature Indoor Apple Tree Project #1

I'm starting a new project that isn't really a bonsai tree but just a small tree in a pot.  It doesn't require special knowledge and skill.  It also grows a lot faster.
I got the idea from the "Blog Click" site.

The link on the blog: Maçã como plantar, How to plant apple.  It's a good Brazilian site in Portuguese and English.

I started with two large Gala apples.  The first one only had two seeds!  I thought there would more.  

I had better luck with the second apple.
I always have a problem with planting seeds and thinning the seedlings.  Which seeds do I plant and which sprouts do I let live when I thin out the pot? Even though it can't be helped, it still feels a little sad, like I'm killing some of them.

I didn't use the two seeds from one apple because it seems to me there must be something wrong with producing only 2 seeds.

I read somewhere that if a seed floats in water instead of sinking; it may be empty.  I don't know how true this is but I tried it anyway.  I came up with 3 seeds.

Here's the video.

I'll show my progress in the next post.

The Devil's Violinist, Paganini

"Niccolò (or Nicolò) Paganini (27 October 1782 – 27 May 1840) was an Italian violinist, ...guitarist, and composer." Wikipedia

I saw the movie The Devi's Violinist on TV last night.  At first I didn't think I would like it but once it started I loved it.  It's about his life, except that they added a fictitious character who succeeded in convincing Paganini into making a deal with the devil, in exchange for fame and money. 

The man who plays Paganini is a virtuoso violinist and played the violin himself. The singer sang her own part.

A Love Song

Here are the lyrics translated from the Italian:

Penso Io ti, Amore
(I think of you, love.)

Think of you, love, 
when the sunshine 
shines on the sea. 
I think of you, love, 
when every ray of the moon 
is drawn on the sources. 

I see when on the distant road dust rises,
 when the narrow path Tremble Walker
In the deep night ... In the deep night. 
I feel you, love,sad

When sound waves are moved. 
In the quiet grove often hear me.  
I'm with you

 Even though you're away. You're with me,
 While you are away. Oh! If you were here!
  If you were here!

He became a sort of rock star of his time.
Caprice 24

Blandy Park

Lynette and I spent part of the day at Blandy Park. There was a gentle breeze while the two of us had a picnic. I took these photos as we walked around the park.

I like this tree's shadow.

There are several of these large rocks around the park appearing like statues made by nature.

The Beef Lady

I have trouble taking iron tablets for my anemia.  I get very bad constipation. My doctor recommended a diet rich in iron.  For now she suggested eating beef every day, which is okay with me.  I'll have to see how this affects my weight and cholesterol levels.
While searching the net for information on iron rich foods I came across this photo.

It would make a cannibal very hungry.

Interesting how the cuts of beef would look like on a person.

This is not the same lady.  Is she?
I like my steak cooked medium not rare.

There's definitely more meat on a bull than on a cow. 

Squirrel Feeder?

Whenever I put seed in the bird feeder a squirrel helps himself to dinner.  I don't mind because it's fun to watch.

The feeder is almost empty but he finds whatever seeds are left.

Here he's sticking his head inside the plastic seed holder plate by lifting it with his nose.  I once had to help a squirrel get out after he trapped himself inside. Later I saw him lift the plate with his hand to get in and out.  He was a fast learner.

Dinner is over.

Chicken Wings Recipe

I love chicken wings and when I found this video about cooking them I just had to share it.

But I never tried to make it myself.  I don't cook.  One of my future projects is to learn how.  For now, I'll just use a bottle of barbecue sauce from the supermarket.  Better yet, just buy them ready made.  

Fitness Exercise Crazes in the Last 100 Years

Whatever works is okay.  I just go for walks, do a few dumbbell exercises and physical therapy at home by myself.  I know it's not very exciting but at least it is something I can get myself to do.

I almost forgot.  I have a stationary bike in my bedroom.  The good thing is that I can watch TV while using it.  But most of the time it only holds clothes and pillows.  

Female Beauty Around the World

They are all beautiful.  But what's inside their souls is the most important.

Men in Love with Themselves Around the World

Interesting but what's most important is the beauty inside a man's soul.
These men seem to be too impressed with themselves; a little "cocky".

Cocky (Like a cock):

Try the video full screen if you want to read the captions.

Clear Brook Park

Clear Brook Park is only 10 minutes from where I live and I go there almost every week for a walk.

It's a small park with a small lake.  They stock the lake with fish during the fishing season. During the summer there are paddle boats to rent.  Picnic areas are spread out along the lakeside.  There is a swimming pool.
It's not really a back to nature area but still worth the visit.

Here is a stream draining water from the lake.

My Christmas Cactus is Still Booming


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