Blandy Park

Lynette and I spent part of the day at Blandy Park. There was a gentle breeze while the two of us had a picnic. I took these photos as we walked around the park.

I like this tree's shadow.

There are several of these large rocks around the park appearing like statues made by nature.


  1. How lovely and green! I'd like to sit on that bench.

  2. I love these gorgeous nature shots, John!
    I also love the bench where one can sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of being among a nature setting.
    The natural formations of the rocks placed as garden statues are gorgeous!!!

    I enjoyed this posting very much...thank you~

  3. The bench looks like a good place for contemplation. It is a beautiful park.

  4. That park looks anything but bland...y. Nyuk nyuk. I feel more relaxed just looking at those pictures! Looks like an amazing place to hike and picnic.


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