Toad Is Still In Flowerpot

First, here are a few flowers from my backyard.

I did not see the toad for several weeks (July 27, 2015) so I thought it was gone.  But today I saw it again!
Maybe the toad was always there but so well camouflaged that I could not see it.

Here are a few photos:

Here you can see the hole it dug in the flower pot.

See him in his hole?

This is a closer shot.

Here is an up-close photo.


  1. Awwww....looks like the toad has found himself a comfortable and pretty place to rest. Lovely photos, John. :)

  2. Your flower photos are gorgeous and I am so happy that Mr. Toad found his way home again :) Your photos are always so beautiful, John~

  3. You have a pet toad. We were never able to keep one for more than a couple of hours. Congratulations!


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