Am I Organized or Do I Have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Do I have a mild case of OCD obsessive compulsive disorder?
I have the Google Calendar application, a weekly schedule, a fitness log and even a paper calendar.  Now I'm setting up the Wunderlist to-do list program.  I like the name.  It sound like Wonder List, something wonderful.

One problem is to make sure I don't get duplicate reminders from all of these applications.
I set the the Google Calendar to send me emails when something is due, like doctor appointments. The Wunderlist can do the same thing.
I had to make sure that I did not get email reminders from both the Google Calendar and Wunderlist.  Otherwise it would make things cluttered and difficult to follow.
Finally, I can check my paper calendar to see what's coming up.  I print it each month from the Google online calendar so it has the same reminders but I can check it on my desk without turning on my PC.
My fitness log keeps me motivated.  I check off each exercise when it's due during the week.

Why do I do this?

I enjoy it but I have to admit that it can be unnecessarily complicated.

I do it to have a feeling of some control over my life.
My guess is that we only have about 30% under our free will.  The rest is chance.
~The genes we are born with
~Our parents
~Our financial situation
~Chances of catching a disease
~Chances of having an accident
~Chances of finding a good marriage partner
~Chances of never discovering an activity that would bring great satisfaction
~Possibility of giving in to "being tired" and so wasting our precious time

But if I keep a careful watch I might be able to increase my odds, even if only by a very limited extent. 

I update and "improve" my schedule each week. I never seem to be satisfied with the layout.
My calendars are okay.
My exercise log is okay.
I'm still working on organizing my Wunderlist.


  1. all wow the flashlight guy does have it, lol

  2. I simply fly by the seat of my pants. What does that make me, I wonder?

  3. You do what's right for you, it seems to work.

  4. We all have certain things we like to do in order to reassure ourselves that we are in control, even if in the end it is all illusory. So long as you're not hurting anyone with all your calendars and schedules, go for it, I say.


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