On Our Way to Brooklyn Through Manhattan 2016

Manhattan Bridge to Brooklyn Entrance

It's a very multicultural area.  
-Here is a Buddhist temple which looks nothing like a temple to me.
-Lucky Star is the name of a bus ride from New York to Boston and back.  I hope it doesn't mean you'll be lucky if you make it.
-Above in Chinese, the sign must be an ad for some sort of gambling place.
-The buildings at different angles add to the confusion.  Pigeons fly over the building in the back.

One of the uniquely decorated images in the city.

Watch out!

The young woman seems in danger of being eaten by the van.


  1. Love the paint job on that van. Never seen anything like that before. NYC is an endlessly fascinating place.

  2. I love photos of cities!!! These are so neat!

    To busy texting to know the danger of being attacked by a hungry van :) Pay attention people!

  3. Isn't it fun to take in all the sights when traveling? I watch for signs, interesting buildings, people, vehicles, license plates, artwork, and anything else that catches my eye. I love it.


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