Calendar and Schedule

I use google Calendar because I can set it to send me email reminders.
Also, I print the month's calendar for a copy on my desk.

To download go to google.

Then I print a weekly schedule that I created from a spreadsheet.  It has the usual things I do like exercise, take trash to the dump, check when bills are due, etc. I pencil in appointments and other one time events.

I know it's sort of obsessive/compulsive but at least I don't schedule the usual things I do; like when to shave, get dressed, have a snack or go to the bathroom.  That would really be strange.

My main fear is that I'll lose control of my life if I don't somehow organize it. But the truth is how little control I actually have.  I guess I control maybe 30% of my life.  The rest is chance: accidents, inherited health problems, catching a diseases, etc.  The list is long.

If trying programs for a lists of projects, a to-do list, a calendar and a schedule help reduce my fear of losing control, then I'll just have to do it.

For my routine I use:

Google Monthly Calendar with email reminders and I print a copy for my desk.

My printed schedule for the week which I made from a spreadsheet program.

Wunderlist for projects with sub-tasks I can transfer to my to-do list when ready.

Do it (Tomorrow) to-do list

Not 100% but good for me.  Each person has to do what they find best.

I make sure to allow for  unplanned spontaneous events by leaving plenty of slack time (about 50%) and flexibility.  This allows for time to do nothing, take a nap, whatever I like at the moment.

Link to Planing Page for more ideas: Planning

What are your thoughts and ideas?  How do you like to do it?


  1. If lists and schedules give you a sense of control and comfort, then go for it! Anything that makes life easier is a bonus.

  2. I've seen the flashlight one for awhile but it's still funny

  3. My problem is that life intrudes on any schedule I make. I have a schedule for appointments and then let all the chips fall where they will.

  4. Love the first photo :)
    Calendars with appointments and when accounts need to be paid along with Birthday etc.
    We seem to remember in this house, but then my eldest sister in law has it all written down (she doesn't use a pc).
    Good idea though with Google, what ever works for each individual.

  5. Eventually you will be able to go and get your shock collar so Google can zap! you when you forget something or are late. How sad ;(

    1. I'll have to get control over my obsession and just relax more. It is soothing in small doses as long as I have enough time to just let things happen.

  6. Typically I try to allow any list. Calendars are useful and we use a common one that hangs on a door.
    The CDO disorder - good one - it's going on my pinterest page.

  7. __During each day, I list that which I accomplish, and at day's end I check off that TO-DOne list; I feel so well organized.
    __DCO? All things to the contraty_? Smiles. _m

  8. Never thought of using a spread sheet. Great ideal.
    Coffee is on


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