Tomato Experiment 2016

My daughter Laurissa asked for advice on planting tomatoes for her community garden so I did some research.  My bother Tony has a balcony where this may also work.

I'm going to try it myself because it looks easier than digging up the ground and it
has a way to keep the soil moist for a while.  You can also move the bucket around if
you have to.  
The drawback is controlling the height of an indeterminate tomato plant which can spread over 6 feet.  It makes more tomatoes spread out over a longer time than the bush determinant variety which make all their tomatoes during a shorter time period.  But the bush type can stay under 4 feet.  
I guess you can cut the indeterminate variety to keep it short but I'm not sure if it will hurt the plant. 

I found a link to a site with directions for planting tomatoes in a 5 gallon bucket.
Here's the link with 2 videos and a list of materials needed:

Make sure the plastic is rated HDPE which is safer for using with foods.

From the website:

Here's another video on how to use aspirin to prevent tomato diseases.  I'm not sure if it works but I'll give it a try:


  1. thanks for this post. I am looking forward to growing some tomatoes in pots on my new shaded area. The direct sun is to much for them. I'm going to try this. thanks again.

  2. Intriguing. I may give this a try. It should keep the rabbits away.

  3. Interesting way to go a tomato. If you don't try, you don't find out!


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