Mysterious Old Street

Gubbio Umbria
photo by Massimo

This photo is haunting for me. The dark and light winding turns are mysterious.

I found this photo on an Italian blog by Massimo. 

The blog's last post was December 22, 2015.  I hope the site will be active again.

Link: Italian view

Some information from the web:

To the northeast of Perugia sits Gubbio one of the oldest towns in Umbria dating back to pre-Roman times. Located at the foot of Mount Ingino, many of Gubbio’s Roman sites are on the flat land below the slopes including the large, well preserved Roman Theater. When you enter the town of Gubbio you will be welcomed by a jumble of homes, many built in the 14th and 15th century by the towns wealthy merchants. The bronze Iguvine Tablets with inscriptions in ancient Umbrian, an extinct language, are located in Gubbio. 


  1. That photo is a little unsettling. I'm not sure what disturbs me about it but there's something.

    1. Maybe someone could be hiding in the turns, especially at night.

  2. It is unusual to see the arches not built even with each other. I wonder if there is an architectural reason.

  3. It is hauntingly mysterious and beautiful. I love the mystery of its angles and all that gorgeous stone that has captured the many vibes of humanity over centuries past~

  4. Ooh . . . how I'd love to walk upon that street!

    1. Especially at night, if I could be safe.


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