Come and Find Me

The other night I watched the movie Come and Find Me on Netflix, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It uses a series of flashbacks in an extremely smooth way, not jerking back and forth.  I wish the actress Annabelle Wallis could be heard more clearly but otherwise the movie was perfect for me.

It stars Aaron Paul from the Breaking Bad series.  Here's a description and the trailer.

"David and Claire's idyllic relationship comes to an abrupt and mysterious end after Claire disappears without a trace. Devastated but incapable of letting go, David follows her down a frantic and increasingly dangerous path. Shocked at discovering Claire was living a double life, he's forced to risk everything if he ever wants to see her again."

Trying Not To Be Overly Organized

I posted about getting organized before so maybe I'm just being obsessive and compulsive.  It's a little different now.

Getting organized requires some time but time spent organizing is time spent not enjoying the present moment.  Why do I want to be organized?

To have some control of my life but I believe that it's possible to control only about 30% of life. The rest depends on genetics, accidents, my decisions from the past, other people's action, etc. There will always be some anxiety if I dwell on it.  But I want to feel secure against complete disorder and confusion. If I'm not prepared something harmful may happen to me. 

I don't want to miss out on something because I don't know what's happening. There is a need to ease my fear of not making the most of my life, of being disappointed.

I want to avoid complications and confusion but too much organizing will actually result in more complication and confusion instead of less.  Yet in a strange way I find it enjoyable to plan!

Why am I being so obsessive about this?
Is this something good or is it too much?

I believe the most important thing is to find a way that works for you.  You can use all or parts of different systems but don't spend all your time learning different to-do applications, make your own.

Here's what I do:

Google Calendar: I use Google Calendar to keep track of monthly and longer items like appointments, birthdays, etc.  The nice thing is that you can set up the calendar to send you an email when the date is coming near.  I print each month so I can have a paper copy just like a regular calendar.

Link: calendar google - Google Search

Next I make my own weekly schedule from a spreadsheet program.  It has my regular recurring tasks to check off with room for appointments, etc. It's like a paper pad to do list for the week.

It's flexible enough to adjust as you like.
The times are approximate.
I'm not obsessive enough to put down when I should brush my teeth, get dressed...
Don't forget to schedule time to do nothing but relax and enjoy.

I find a lined paper pad with what I want to do with the blocks of unassigned time works best for me.  I check off and draw a line though the items I've completed.

For the things I want to do but am not sure when I use Wunderlist. I use it in my own way as just a list, something like a paper pad. I don't use the due "today", "week", and other functions.
There's room for notes and sub-tasks, which break down larger goals into sections.  I guess I could use a paper notepad for this but for now I use Wunderlist.  Maybe because it looks so good.
It has what will soon be put into a specific time slot.  It can also be another reminder, along with the calendar, of what is coming up at a specific time.

It is very important not to pile up a long list of things because they will never be done.  They will only make you confused.  The point is not what you want to do without a specific time but to put down the time you'll do it.  This avoids a growing list of never to be done tasks.  Ask yourself WHEN you will do it.

This may not be the best system but for me it seems to work.  For now I'll use it this way.  I might change to something else someday if I like.

Roman "Swiss Army Knife"

They were a very clever people.

The Swiss knife is not shown in proportion with the Roman one.  They should both be about the same size.

This must be a modern "cleaned up" version of the knife.

Our March Towards Peace?

Sorry for this emotional post but this idea has been on my mind for a while.  If it's too upsetting just skip it.
By now I imagined the world be at peace, using the fortune spent on warfare to improve everyone's life.  But it's worse than ever. Will there be a third world war?

I remember what my uncle Ben told us. He believed that war was a way that nature used to stop overpopulation. Sounds strange doesn't it?

But is war an inevitable uncontrollable force of evil?

(Try full screen and more volume.)

Is it hopeless?

First Day of Spring 2017

I'm surprised, the first day of Spring! (This is from Google.)


This Week's Image

I'm still trying to find the right medication!

National Awkward Moments Day

I wonder why there's a horse in this picture.  Let me know if you can figure it out.  I just don't understand what it has to do with an awkward moment.

I just saw what it is.  But they could have found a better photo.

From the site:


"On March 18th, we recognize National Awkward Moments Day.  This is an annual day that every person can relate to as we have all had our awkward moments from time to time as they are a part of life; they just happen.
Awkwardness or embarrassment is defined as an emotional state of intense discomfort with oneself.
Have you ever called someone by the wrong name, tripped over nothing, walked into a door, had the completely wrong words come out of your mouth or just forgot what you were doing?  The list could go on and on. Sometimes, things just do not seem to go right, and something happens that may make you feel like you want to run and hide. Whether on National Awkward Moments Day or any other day, everyone has them. 
Find the ability to laugh at yourself, see the humor in awkward moments and have fun with them. Use #AwkwardMomentsDay to post on social media.
Within our research, we were unable to identify the founder of National Awkward Moments Day."

It Snowed Today March 14 2017

It was only about three inches and we had no place to go so it did not matter.

It's not enough to keep us snowed in.

This Week's Image

I wonder what kind of tea is in that pot!

Old Shots of Our Pet Dogs

Unedited photo of York, my son-in-law's and daughter's dog. Never mind red eye, have you ever seen yellow and blue eyes?

I showed these photos and video before but a while ago in different posts.  I had my four hour IVIG treatment yesterday for my CIDP condition, so maybe that's why I couldn't come up with anything new.  (If interested in the details please check the web.  I have foot drop so it's not as bad as it might have been)  
Barkus was my pet Golden Retriever.  He'd love to sleep all day if he could. He had a thyroid problem.  Before him I had a more active darker Golden Retriever called Kringle.  They both past away. Tonight I can't find a photo of Kringle. Sometimes I get so "organized" that I can't find anything. 

Miles with Artic, who replaced York.

Here's a cute video about how a dog can lift your spirits.

Quick Lazy Way to Slow Cook Chicken

My substitution for the recipe below is to add the chicken, potatoes and carrots. But instead of adding the herbs, oil, spices, etc.; I only added Honey Mustard Salad Dressing.  The results were fantastic!

Instead I only used:
Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

I might try other salad dressings someday.

Do you have a way to prevent the dish from becoming a bit too soggy?

Do you have any quick lazy recipes you'd like to share? 

All I Want Is You

I just saw this wonderful movie Juno about a young girl who becomes pregnant and has to deal with the problems that it causes. Anyway, here's a song from the movie.

This video shows the lyrics with a cute cartoon.

Oh no! Guess what? A one man band!

A Quiet Wednesday

While eating breakfast I looked at my plans for the day.  There was probably too much to do today, nothing fantastic mostly just the ordinary chores.

I made good progress in straightening out the laundry room.  My plan is to break the work up into thirty minutes a day.  After a month it should be great.

While riding my exercise bike I watched the old movie The Third Man.  I only use the bike for about forty minutes and the movie is long so it will take about three days to watch it all.  It's a very interesting plot with great angled views and a need to pay close attention.

Lynette called me in the middle of my routine because she saw six wild turkeys walking across our backyard.  When I got to the back door there were only four of them left, moving too quickly before I could grab my camera.

Later I sat back in a chair, my mind lost in thought.  I felt a little sad but no big deal, probably just tired.  The first photo and the last show the pictures I took just for the hell of it.

I hope you had a great day.


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