Pens: Elegance vs Practicality

A comparison of what is practical and what I can afford vs a luxurious waste of money.  I'm not that rich but completely happy with what I have.  

Much of the manufacturing of their pens is done in Italy.

"Is available for purchase as a Group Buy" (= on sale?)  $1, 341.00

Germany for sterling silver and other metal pens.

Depending on the work required, however, specific work will be done where the best skills are available. For example a number of the pens have painting work done by craftsmen in Russia.

Here's a link to their home page:

This is more my style.


  1. Sometimes expensive things are a waste of money.

  2. Pretty sure any I've ever gotten were made in China as I don't need them for anything important.

  3. I love a good pen but omg...I cringe when I have to spend over a dollar!

  4. I like pens that write smoothly but I never spend too much money on any. There are some reasonably priced ones out there that aren't overpriced.

  5. I have a small collection of pens ( including 2 ink pens) in my manbag

  6. I always go for a reasonably priced pen that writes smoothly ...

    All the best Jan

  7. My husband likes an expensive pen but somehow he rarely uses the one he has. I like a fine tip that writes fluidly and doesn't blot - I have enough problems writing legibly as it is, don't need any help making a mess :) hah


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