Weekly Routine

Yesterday I did what I do each Wednesday.
I injected three vials of immune globulin subcutaneously to control my neuromuscular chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP). It's related to MS but not as bad.
My CIDP is not as bad as many other diseases so I'm usually not in a bad mood about it. 

The injections seem to help but I still have some trouble with balance and I need my ankle brace to walk with a walker.  I moved up from a wheel chair to a walker and now I might go to a cane, maybe just a cane at home and a walker when I go out.

Anyway the immune globulin injection takes all afternoon, about three hours but it feels like all day.  I try to not make any plans and just take it easy.

Here's my equipment and three vials of immune globulin.  I used to get an IV dose at the hospital every six weeks but the doctor thinks this weekly dose at home will keep the blood levels more even and so work better.
This way I can be free to move about the house instead of being stuck on a reclining chair at the hospital.

I had the idea to add another gadget to my blog. It will feature one of my old posts that I especially like. I'll try to change it each week. 

Praying Mantis Calmly Watching Us

 It was not afraid.  It just seemed curious.  It watched our house being power washed all day.  Then it jumped on Lynette.

Nice Commercial

I saw this commercial the other day which got me thinking about TV commercials in general.

Here's the nice quiet commercial that I saw.
I believe this is some kind of investment company.  Why can't there be more commercials like this instead of screaming? The screaming just makes me want to stay away from anything they'er trying to sell.  I put the volume on mute and wait for it to end.
Here's a cute commercial from the past:

I suppose some people don't mind. The commercials must work or they wouldn't keep putting them on.

Ancient Roman Concrete

I found this article and short video about Roman concrete that I'd like to share.

Modern Concrete

Ancient Roman Concrete

From article:   Ancient Rome Concrete Mystery Solved by Scientists | Time
Modern cement mixtures tend to erode, particularly in the presence of seawater, but the Roman recipe of volcanic ash, lime, seawater and a mineral called aluminium tobermorite actually reinforces the concrete and prevents cracks from expanding, researchers found.
The reaction was caused by the seawater continually ramming into the structures for hundreds of years, allowing the mineral mixture of silica oxides and lime to grow between the volcanic rock aggregate and mortar to develop resistance.
“Contrary to the principles of modern cement-based concrete, the Romans created a rock-like concrete that thrives in open chemical exchange with seawater,” lead author Marie Jackson from the University of Utah said in the journal.

Trying my iPhone Camera

I finally bought myself a smartphone. My old flip phone could no longer get charged. I used to call it my "dumb phone" because all I could do with it was make calls and send texts. It had a camera but the images were so small on its screen that I had trouble seeing them.

I found the iPhone on Consumer Cellular brand new for a $160.  It can do all the major functions.  I'm not sure what it can't do but it may be the amount of memory.

Here are a few photos, not bad.

I'm impressed by the video quality.

Here's a video of my grandchildren Evie and Miles on Labor Day. There's a boy named Oliver not in the video. He's the son of a friend.

I didn't take this last photo of Evie but I want to share it with you. 
My son-in-law Ryan Hampton took it.

Autumn is Almost Here 2018

Here are some of my photos from past Autumns.

I'm looking forward to this year's Fall season.


Meaningful Philosophy from a Cartoon Character

I don't remember where but I read somewhere that in those days sailors had muscular forearms from tying knots with the heavy ropes of the sails and pulling anchors on the ship.

Similar Quotes from Other Sources:

This cartoon shows his tough side. I like his dance.

A Tough Man


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