Strange Pencil Sharpeners

Guess it can also be used as a "nose picker".

Comes in handy when doing crossword puzzles while on the john.

Just in time for Halloween.

For the serious student of pencil sharpening technique.

Waiting at the Ophthalmologist's Office

(I copied the above sign from the web. The photos below are mine.)

While waiting at the eye doctor's office I saw this pair of large eyeglasses hanging above the eyeglass display. The office houses both an ophthalmologist and an optometrist. I was there to see the ophthalmologist for a yearly exam.

I took a photo with my cellphone and edited it at home. The lighting was not the best but I tried to make the photo look a bit dreamy,

There is a mirror below the large eyeglasses. This makes
 the reflection look like the nose and mouth of a face.

Finally I enlarged the eyeglasses.

Walking on Leaves

Remember walking on fallen leaves as a child? It was magical!

The smaller girl is my granddaughter

Trying PhotoScape

This is a "free" photo editing program but as usual some of the features are not free. Hopefully I'll only need the free ones.

Sorry I haven't been posting recently. I'm just too tired. I'm seeing my family doctor on Wednesday. Blood work should help determine the cause.

Looks too good to be true doesn't it? Hopefully any advertisements should cover it. Ill be surprised if most of theses features don't cost something.
Nothing is truly free. Everyone needs income. 

Hobo Symbols and Life

Last week I posted about the symbols used for washing clothes, Laundry Symbols".  Now I found some symbols used by hobos. For me these symbols are difficult to understand but the descriptions are great.  Their lifestyle is so interesting.

Try a full screen and louder. I had to put it on maximum sound level.

You can turn down the sound level for this one!

Laundry Symbols

These symbols are not clear to me. 
I can guess at some but I'm not certain. 
How about you?

Here is a sort of "test" I set up:

It's not finished!
For me the written explanations are useful.  I can do without any symbols.  There is no way most of them can be interpreted, so why bother to print them? 
(Sorry the chart would not fit without being too difficult to see.)

I just realized the use for the symbols.  They are to save space on the clothing label.  
I usually just throw the clothes in and turn on the switch so that's why I never thought of it.

But then you'd still need a chart to interpret the symbols.

Print a copy for yourself if you think it might help.


I never knew there was a different type of keyboard like DVORAK instead of QWERTY (named after the first six letters on the left of the first row) , at least not in English or similar languages.

Chinese has a modified QWERTY keyboard something like:

Or maybe this keyboard below is purely Chinese:

Back to English: 
The video below explains why the QWERTY keyboard
is used almost 100% today and some future possibilities. 

Not changing my keyboard, it's not worth the effort for me.


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