Hope the Weekend Gets Better

I signed up for a new course of physical therapy to begin in a week or so. I quit my present physical therapist because he was discouraging me, telling me I was doing worse.  He even told me to stop exercising and see my doctor.  My doctor said it was fine for me to exercise.  He wrote a prescription for me to give to the new physical therapist.

I'm sure I'm getting better and hope the new therapist will help me more than the old one did.  In a year I progressed from a wheel chair to a walker and can climb the stairs with a cane. But I still need a walker for everyday activities.  CIDP left the strength in my legs and my balance affected.

Lynette will have to keep driving me for a while because of a seizure I had six months ago.  Today I drove my car down the driveway to the mail box and back.  In about a week I'll be allowed to drive again (Six months is the time required after a seizure.).

Lynette is going for an MRI at 8:30 tomorrow morning.  She's in excruciating back pain.  X-rays showed only a bit of arthritis.  The MRI should show if the pain is from some other cause.

We hope to do some grocery shopping and get home before it starts to snow, predicted for 11:00 AM.

The rest of the weekend should be fun.  We'll eat breakfast out and buy some takeout to eat for dinner.


  1. What a journey! Sounds like you possess a good degree of determination!

  2. I'm pleased that your doctor said it was fine for you to exercise, and that you will be seeing a new physical therapist.
    Thanks for including the video within your post, I found it interesting and informative.

    Hope the grocery shopping goes well, enjoy your breakfast out and your takeout too.

    All the best Jan

  3. I hope the new physical therapist works out for you. Sometimes you just need to find the right one. Wishing you a good weekend!

  4. I hope your wife's MRI shows a cause for her pain and that your new physical therapist is more encouraging to you. Keep up the good work!

  5. I find that the general attitude and outlook of a medical professional can really affect a patient. I hope your new therapist is a better fit and has a positive attitude to match your own. I also hope your wife gets relief from her back pain as a result of the MRI. Any kind of chronic pain is so draining (as well as hurting).

  6. Well my goodness, you are doing well being able to walk again - good on you and congratulations as I'm sure it was hard to do - from a wheelchair to a stick going up the stairs.
    As for Physio - good idea to have a change.
    Do hope you wife will be ok...all the best.

  7. Thank you so much for your good wishes Margaret.

  8. i am sooo proud of you to improve as much with your strong will power and strength dear friend!

    discouragement is key to disappointment, i am glad you made good decision
    i hope new therapist will take the doctor's prescription seriously and help you lot better

    i deeply pray for Lynette 's health as well ,hope her xray show the actual reason of pain so cure can be done accurately

    keep believing in yourself dear John!



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