I haven't been posting lately because of a problem I'm having at the incision area of my spine operation.  It's called a pseudomeningocele which is cerebrospinal fluid leaking into a swelling near where the surgery started.
The surgeon's office instructed me to see a neurologist for the terrible headaches that it sometimes causes but the swelling should heal on its own.

It seems to be getting larger and I can't put much weight on it like lying on my back in bed or leaning on my back while I sit.

The neurologist referred me to neurosurgeon for advice but I haven't heard about it yet.  In the meantime he's doing nerve conduction tests on my legs for my drop-foot condition, which is not related to the pseudomeningocele 

The original operation for back pain and leg weakness was a success.  I'm able to walk without using walker or cane.  My back pain is gone.

Now I'll have to get this new problem fixed.  But I'm still very lucky compared to the diseases that are out there.   

Another reason for not posting as much as usual is the Christmas season with its decorations and shopping for gifts.


  1. Hey!
    Hope you are doing better now!
    I just wanted to leave you a comment wishing you a Merry Christmas and then, I see your back with that swelling which does look scary. I hope you have been able to get some rest.
    Don't worry about posting, just do it when you can. Will be saying a prayer for you.

    1. Thank you Kay.
      Have a great Christmas with the family!

  2. I am glad your surgery was a success. Now all you need to do is recover from the effects of the surgery. Please feel better soon.

  3. J'espere tout ira bien!
    joyeux Noel.John M §

    1. Merci pour vos aimables souhaits.
      Thank you for your kind wishes.

  4. I am happy that your surgery was a success, John, so sorry to know you have been going through this. Hope that 2015 will be wonderful for you.

  5. Hi John, I know your posts are a few yrs old but I am currently going through this pseudomeningocele & wondered how long did it take to go away on its own? Or did you get it removed? My doctor said it will go away on its own but I don't want to wait too long because it's uncomfortable & unsightly. Thank you.

    1. Hello,i am a french girl and I also have been through a giant pseudo-meningocele in the back that appeared after a laminectomy. The surgeon accidentelly made a hole in the dura mater. I have also been told that it would disappear "naturally" but nothing has happened in 9 months, it only got worse. A neurosurgeon decided that I couldn't stay with it as the pain was constant and getting worse and worse: head headaches + back pain + hips, bottom and legs pain.
      The surgery is now 2 weeks and I am recovering. It is a total success. The hole is now repaired and my back is flat again.
      If you want to get in touch please do, I would be glad to provide you informations or pictures about my expérience.

    2. Thanks for your comment. Luckily my second surgery was also a success. How do we get in touch?

    3. I try to send my e-mail adress but my post doesn't get published.
      Can you help me?

    4. Can you get in touch with my Google account?

  6. Im suffering from same thing my first surgery was good but the this swelling n head ache some times .....i wanna know will this dura leak surgery help permanently every one out there who had a surgery for the spinal leak are the fine and never did that leak happenned again?????

  7. Hi Simmi,

    For me, after the surgery to correct my pseudomeningocele I was fine. The dura leak has to be corrected before it becomes worse.
    I hope you feel better. I know what you are going through.

  8. Hello John,
    I'm very happy to hear you still have good results (is this 3 years since surgery?). I also have a pseudomeningocele - just discovered. Mine does not protrude as much as yours (in the photo above) but is 8.5 cm X 7 cm X 5 cm on MRI. The surgeon who did the initial spinal fusion 9 months ago) does not want to address this, stating that it cannot be responsible for my pain (bilateral radiating pain from low back to feet) and therefore surgery would not improve my pain. He is "happy" to have me get a second opinion. Are you willing/able to say who did your surgery, and where?

  9. Hi Jane,
    I understand your suffering. I think your doctor should be more helpful.
    I had my surgery at The Hospital For Special Surgery in New York City.

    My only problem with my surgeon (Dr. Lebl) was that he ignored my pseudomeningocele for several months before looking at it. But when he did he scheduled another surgery to correct it. Nobody is perfect but because he had me wait so long I would recommend a different surgeon but use the same hospital. (Major League Baseball players use this hospital.)

    Here is the web link:
    Under specialty pick "spine".

    Phone Number:

    The hospital will be busy. There is a lot of traffic in New York City. Hotels are expensive, even the one for patients. It will be hard to park your car. But it just might be worth it. Otherwise a closer hospital specializing in spine surgery might also be good.

    I wish you good luck and hope your suffering will soon come to an end.

    Let me know how it works out.


    1. Thank you so much. If necessary, I will follow up there. I see the surgeon who performed the spinal fusion in a couple of days, so hopefully he will be more realistic this visit.
      Best of luck with ongoing health.

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