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Top 10 Most Difficult Piano Pieces + 1

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Saturnia Cruise Ship Around the 1940"s

I dabble in my ancestry from time to time. Some of the photographs in my collection are a mystery. My parents passed away some time ago so I have no one to ask.. Now I have to do detective work to figure out what was going on and identify some of the people. It can be enjoyable but also frustrating.  My mother is the 4th woman from the left. She's the pretty one with a smile, white shoes and socks.  I have no idea who the other women are. The Saturnia had a twin sister ship called the Vulcania. The life preserver indicates the ship they were on. They were Italian built luxury liners. I don't know how my mother could afford it. I'm not sure if the ship was coming to America or returning to Italy. She came each way. Here are some videos I found on the web: Luxury Interior The Engine compartment Here are some luxurious rooms: Dining Dining Ballroom  Interesting, isn't it? 

In the Shadow

I found this short video in Noir genre on an excellent blog called Debra She Who Seeks. Her link:         She Who Seeks It's only about 7 minutes long, in French with English subtitles.  "This fantastic short film by Fabrice Mathieu tells the tale of a shadow who finds himself frustrated with the actions of his wearer and decides to do something about it. Told using black-and-white footage from more than 60 films, the story unfolds much like a classic film noir, with plenty of action and intrigue." <> <> <> <> <> Here is the link on YouTube:     "In the shadow". Short film & Feature Project. (Special edition with english subtitles.) - YouTube  

Starting a New Blog Theme

This theme is one of the default themes of Blogger.  I can make some changes in color and gadgets. I'll see how it goes. Take care,  John.

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