Trying to Get Organized

So I won't miss out on enjoyable activities.
So I'll be able to take care of myself (groceries, dump, exercise, etc)

How I avoid doing it:
-Spend too much time looking for the ideal to do list on paper and also computer application, instead of doing what I need to do.
-Being too vague about what I want and the steps I need to take.

I use Microsoft to do:
It's free and seems to be as good as any other.
And I use paper calendar, paper weekly schedule, Google email reminders, and an index card for what needs to be done right now today.

Here is an article I find very useful:   How to Make Your To-Do List Doable

I've been feeling very woozy and weak the past few days, It's my sickness CIDP.

Tomorrow I have an IVIG treatment, the last intravenous one before I restart doing subcutaneous treatments on my own at home.

Hopefully it will help. I keep typing in the wrong letters so I will stop for now after I correct my typing.

I have to pick up my groceries at Walmart now. I'll stop for pizza on the way and pick up some cereal I forgot to order. 

I hope improving my to do list will make things easier.

VIDEO (Butterfly Electro Swing)

from: Swingrowers - Butterfly (Official Music Video) - ELECTRO SWING

Not much to post about this week, mostly waiting to get my strength back. I found this video that you might like.

Try full screen.

Thinking About Having a Healthy Life

(Photo from web)

Most important is to inherit healthy genes from your parents.
More good luck:
Have no serious accidents
Catch no life threatening diseases
Avoid lethal food poisoning

(What you have some control over)
Avoid/Limit Poisoning yourself with:
Sun exposure
Eating excess fat, salt, sugar
Have a healthy diet that fits you personally.
Moderate exercise
Checkups with Doctors, Dentists, etc.
Social Contacts (Family and Friends)
Meaningful Life Purpose
Avoid Stress. Get enough sleep, etc

There must be more.

My Daughter Gave Me a Fitzroy Storm Glass for Christmas

I copied this GIF from the web. It's been sped up. 
The actual speed is much slower, too slow to detect.

My Fitzroy Storm Glass is beautiful.  It's perfect for the desktop, sitting by my Sterling Engine.

From Wikipedia:
FitzRoy was a pioneering meteorologist who made accurate daily weather predictions... He achieved lasting fame as the captain of HMS Beagle during Charles Darwin's famous voyage.

Internal and external troubles at the Meteorological Office, financial concerns as well as failing health, and his struggle with depression took their toll.

On 30 April 1865, Vice-Admiral FitzRoy died by suicide by cutting his throat with a razor. FitzRoy died having exhausted his entire fortune on public expenditure.

How he said the storm glass works:
"if fixed, undisturbed, in free air, not exposed to radiation, fire, or sun, but in the ordinary light of a well-ventilated room or outer air, the chemical mixture in a so-called storm-glass varies in character with the direction of the wind, not its force, specially (though it may so vary in appearance only) from another cause, electrical tension."


It's great to watch the crystals form and change.


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