A New Set of Wheels

I found this article on an English news site that I'd like to share.

"It was like fitting her with a turbo charger - she's going double the speed she used to," said owner Jude Ryder. "She uses her back legs to push herself along. She seems quite happy, but it's difficult to tell with a tortoise."
"A 90-year-old tortoise..."
The animal, called Mrs T, was facing a grim future after a rat chewed off her two front legs while she was hibernating, but her owners glued the wheels from a model aircraft onto her shell."
I could not download a great video but here is the link for it:

Some Images from the PrincipeTito Blog

Here is the link: Pr√≠ncipeTito Blog

The Portuguese site PrincipeTito has some great images.  Sometimes the images can be sexist but the images without the women are safe.  I'm sure some of the photos must be altered.

I added some comments to the images.


This would work well for vacuum cleaners.

This man is fearless.
He was even fearless as a child.

A future electric cargo truck, but where is the cargo carried?  
Maybe it's next to the driver's seat?

Here's something I can use.  I can't use chopsticks.  
Maybe it's because of clumsiness or not enough practice.
If I remove the spring from a clothes pin
 and attach it to a pair of chopsticks it just might work.

First Snow 2016

Some icicles reached all the way down to the ground.

We are still unable to leave the house after 3 days.  We're on the list to be dug out but it's going to take longer than expected.

I took the photos through the screen door so they are less sharp.  I edited them to try improving the image.

The day before the snow fell.

The morning of the snow storm just before it came down.

The Storm is Over

Front Door

Back Door


I looked into more details about the Fibonacci number sequence after watching a TV series by a man who calls himself The Human Calculator.

I knew about this before but I wanted to take another look. This was an interesting way to pass the time stuck at home during Snowstorm Jonas.

Even DNA has a connection to this number sequence!
Some people even claim it is God's "fingerprint".

Here's the link for more examples of the Fibonacci number in nature:

15 Uncanny Examples of the Golden Ratio in Nature

Is This How You Get Organized?

Here's a way to get organized that I found on the web a few days ago.
I've done well if I put what I use back in its own place instead of at random.

I'm not too bad with this one even though I still manage to misplace things.

This all seems too fussy for me. 

I hate organizing my clothes.

No comment.

Strange Book Covers!

Special Ingredient?

Is this how the special ingredient is created? I just noticed the word "yum" on the right bottom side of the cover!

I'm sure it's much better than a vibrator.

Wishful Thinking

Okay I guess but I'm not into it.

This must save a lot of money.
I like the bottom title about being buried in their work.

This is truly bad.

Comments on some covers from a TV show:

Am I Organized or Do I Have an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Do I have a mild case of OCD obsessive compulsive disorder?
I have the Google Calendar application, a weekly schedule, a fitness log and even a paper calendar.  Now I'm setting up the Wunderlist to-do list program.  I like the name.  It sound like Wonder List, something wonderful.

One problem is to make sure I don't get duplicate reminders from all of these applications.
I set the the Google Calendar to send me emails when something is due, like doctor appointments. The Wunderlist can do the same thing.
I had to make sure that I did not get email reminders from both the Google Calendar and Wunderlist.  Otherwise it would make things cluttered and difficult to follow.
Finally, I can check my paper calendar to see what's coming up.  I print it each month from the Google online calendar so it has the same reminders but I can check it on my desk without turning on my PC.
My fitness log keeps me motivated.  I check off each exercise when it's due during the week.

Why do I do this?

I enjoy it but I have to admit that it can be unnecessarily complicated.

I do it to have a feeling of some control over my life.
My guess is that we only have about 30% under our free will.  The rest is chance.
~The genes we are born with
~Our parents
~Our financial situation
~Chances of catching a disease
~Chances of having an accident
~Chances of finding a good marriage partner
~Chances of never discovering an activity that would bring great satisfaction
~Possibility of giving in to "being tired" and so wasting our precious time

But if I keep a careful watch I might be able to increase my odds, even if only by a very limited extent. 

I update and "improve" my schedule each week. I never seem to be satisfied with the layout.
My calendars are okay.
My exercise log is okay.
I'm still working on organizing my Wunderlist.

Another Treatment

Tomorrow I go for another Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) treatment.  It takes about 4 hours.  I feel stronger so it's definitely worth it.  Luckily it is covered by my insurance.

Here's a short video about CIDP.

National Static Electricity Day

I never knew there was a national static electricity day.  While I was surfing the web I came across it.

A cat and balloons:

Never get back into the car while filling it at the gas pump.  It causes static electricity from rubbing on the seat.

My son in law caught me doing this once.  Thank God no spark or fire.

If you want to know a few scientific details go to:

Do you have any experiences you'd like to share?

Japanese Bowling Technique

This is from a clever Japanese commercial. Enjoy the videos. There is no sound but there are English subtitles. It takes a moment for the videos to start.  If only a blank space appears, click it twice to get it started.

This could have been a strike except for the small detail shown in the next video.


I wondered what SOS stands for and found some interesting information.

"Beginning in 1836, the American artist Samuel F. B. Morse, the American physicist Joseph Henry, and Alfred Vail developed an electrical telegraph system. This system sent pulses of electric current along wires which controlled an electromagnet that was located at the receiving end of the telegraph system. A code was needed to transmit natural language using only these pulses, and the silence between them. Morse therefore developed the forerunner to modern International Morse code."

"At the second Berlin Radiotelegraphic Conference 1906, the subject of a danger signal was again addressed. Considerable discussion ensued and finally SOS was adopted. The thinking was that three dots, three dashes and three dots could not be misinterpreted.  It was to be sent together as one string."

Wireless Telegraphy

 Around the turn of the 20th century Guglielmo Marconi, developed the first apparatus for long distance radio communication.
He is often credited as the inventor of radio,[2] and he shared the 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics with Karl Ferdinand Braun "in recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy"


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