First Snow 2016

Some icicles reached all the way down to the ground.

We are still unable to leave the house after 3 days.  We're on the list to be dug out but it's going to take longer than expected.

I took the photos through the screen door so they are less sharp.  I edited them to try improving the image.

The day before the snow fell.

The morning of the snow storm just before it came down.

The Storm is Over

Front Door

Back Door


  1. So pretty... but glad it isn't us.

  2. Apparently you still have power so you are at least warm. You have weathered another storm.

  3. and I thought we had it rough

  4. Snow and ice, you can keep them! We had some in Georgia but not too much, thank goodness!!

  5. Once again a few people have died shoveling snow, so maybe you should just watch it melt if you are getting along in years. On the other hand, I’ve known three people that died on a toilet from the strain of taking a crap. Think fiber.

    I've been through lots of storms but what really spooks me is earthquakes.

  6. So house bound you are. Have no idea what that would be like to be stuck like that because of the snow.
    Love the icicles. To me it all looks magic :)
    Hope the door will open soon...knowing me, I would have to open a window and go and feel the snow in the sunshine.

  7. Wow, you're snowed in alright! Don't go crazy from cabin fever!

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    1. Magical, beautiful and enchanting, all
      as each tiny flake begins to fall.
      But as each inch adds up to more
      and keeps you stuck inside your door
      the beauty fades and prayers are heard
      this snow can quit its become absurd :)

      Keep safe and warm, John...this snow, too, will melt~



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