How Do You Feel About Artificial Intelligence?

What do you think about the advance of Artificial Intelligence (AI)? 
Is it something good or is it too risky?
What about the possibility that it is not as developed as they make it out to be? 

I feel it could be a great advance for civilization if done carefully.  

But consider just as a possibility if the military uses AI  as a weapon?  AI might further develop on its own to take over the world when it reaches the stage where it becomes more intelligent than we are. What would happen to us?

Here's an interesting video that examines some of the possibilities:

The Legend of Lilith


I find this legend very interesting and believe it would make a great horror movie.  I'm not very religious so it's mostly just the unexpected idea of a woman created before Eve.

The sculpture above is from Notre Dame in Paris.  I wonder if Lilith was the snake who came back to tempt Eve.

The video below has a good description of the legend.

I also read that the legend of Lilith sets an example for modern liberated women; except for the part about being evil.

Started Self-Administration of Subcutaneous Immune Globulin This Week

I usually go to the hospital for a four hour IV of Immune Globulin every six weeks to treat my neuromuscular disorder, CIDP (Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy). Now I"ll try injecting myself once a week subcutaneously for about two and a half hours, which should be safer than an IV. Instead of a large needle in a vein I'll have four tiny insulin sized needles in a fatty area of the skin.  
I'll be able to walk around while wearing the needles and pump. It will also level out the doses. I pasted some information below. 

CIDP is:

Mine affects both my lower legs and causes me to have many falls and makes it difficult to walk, especially without my leg braces. Right now I'm using a wheelchair and working my way up to a walker.

The medication is called Hizentra:

Mine is with four needles and it will take a few times for a nurse to show me before I'm comfortable with doing it myself. 

Chess Day

I always liked chess openings, looking for the perfect opening which would guarantee a win.  But there is no such opening. At best they only have small advantages, especially if your opponent is not familiar with the one you use.
I rarely play. When I do it's against my computer, maybe once every few months. I'm not sure why but I've lost interest in it.
I love the shapes of the pieces. 

Maybe if there was more luck involved, like in a card game or Bingo, I might enjoy it more.  It would be less serious.  Maybe there's a chess game variation that uses dice somehow to increase the luck involved.

"Invented in India in the fifth century, it was named “Chaturanga” and this is likely one of the oldest games of our era. the game then spread to Persia. When the Arabs conquered Persia, chess was taken up by the Muslim world and subsequently spread to Southern Europe. In Europe, chess evolved into roughly its current form in the 15th century. The game was developed extensively in Europe. By the late 15th century, it had survived a series of prohibitions and Christian Church sanctions to almost take the shape of the modern game."
International Chess Day | Days Of The Year

A short video on basic chess opening strategy.

My Hot Water Stinks!

I have a problem this week about my hot water smelling like rotten eggs.  Not all my hot water from the faucets smells bad. It's mostly in one of the bathrooms. The cold water is not affected so I know it's the hot water heater.

Hydrogen Sulfide

Luckily I bought a warranty. the water heater should be repaired or replaced later this month.  Here's a video about what I believe is the problem.

My Rollator Is Ready to Go

My rollator came in a box with only a few pieces to put together. Easy, right? But after I finished it was difficult to steer.  Either something was wrong or I only needed some practice. The next day my physical therapist was coming for a treatment session.  I'd ask her to have a look.

To my embarrassment, I had the rear wheels in front and the front wheels in back!  She was very nice about it, told me men sometimes tend to put things together without carefully studying the directions.

It glides very easily and is much faster than a wheelchair.  The physical therapist told me to take my time, not rush with it.  After a little practice I think I'll really like it.  It's like a seat on wheels with a small storage bag.

I Purchased a Rollator

Medline Ultra Lightweight Rollator

This afternoon one of my physical therapists suggested I try a rollator instead of a walker.  I never heard of a rollator. It has four wheels, larger than the two wheels on a walker and two hand breaks.  The front wheels turn. It weighs only 11 pounds so it will be easy for Lynette to fold and put in the car. (I can't drive myself for a while.)

She told me this was more stable and if I become woozy I can just rest on the built in seat.  It also has a storage area under the seat.

At home I'll use my wheelchair until my balance gets better but I can try the rollator to go shopping or eat out.

I bought it online from Walmart with free two day delivery.  It should arrive on Friday.  Wish me luck.


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