Halloween Party?

In this video the drummer is excellent.  The group is 3 Doors Down.

Halloween History

It's interesting how holidays evolve over the years.

Halloween Animation

I'm starting to get into a Halloween spirit.  It must be because I'll be visiting my grandson this weekend.  My costume will be a human banana.  I know it's sort of strange but Miles loves bananas so hopefully he won't get scared.

I hope you enjoy this cartoon I found.

Just Like The Twilight Zone: Room 8

I found this very short film that reminds me of The Twilight Zone.  It was one of my favorite TV shows.

It's better if you enlarge to full screen and turn up the sound.

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss

I came across these songs with Robert Plant and Alison Krauss.  I never heard of them singing together.  Hope you enjoy.

Goal Details & Advice

I was going through some old notes when I came across this sheet of good advice.  I copied it from one or more places but I neglected to put down the sources.


1. Choose goals by importance & priority considering limited time & energy.
2. Quality & effectiveness of effort more important than the amount of time spent on a goal.
3. Appreciate the experience as you do it: enjoy present moment flow & spirituality.
4. Avoid getting it over with & out of the way just so you can move on to next task which only leads to being in a rut and not appreciating what you have, always wanting more.

To keep or improve the quality of your life; evaluate how you feel about your activities:
a. MAINTAIN: Do it regularly.
b. FREQUENCY: Do it more often.
b. ENHANCE: Improve how you do it.  Make it more effective.
c. EXPAND: Do more activities like it.

If you can’t avoid it
- Improve it to make it more acceptable. Change how you do it.
If you can’t
- Look at it from a different perspective. Find what is good about doing it.  
If you can't
- Accept it, finish it & move on to something you like.

1. Save or make larger blocks of time for your priorities.
2. For the rest use a flexible to-do list.
3. Plan for just 50% or less of your time. With only 50 percent of your time planned you will have the flexibility to handle interruptions and the unplanned "emergency." 
4. When you expect to be interrupted schedule routine tasks.
5. Ask yourself “what is the most important thing I can be doing with my time right now?" 
6. If you like, make 1 day a month or so a "goof-off" day to relax.

Backyard Wild Mushrooms

Under the pine trees on the right side of the yard my wife Lynette pointed out these mushrooms growing.  I went back inside for my camera.
I like the way the stem seems to glow.

These look like they belong in some science fiction movie.  I think they are unopened mushrooms, not some other type of mushroom.

I wonder what the marks on top are.

Looks like something took a bite out of this one.  I hope it's not poisonous.

Another Free On-Line Photo Editor: PIXLR Express

Here's the link:
Online Image Editor - Pixlr Express - Autodesk Pixlr

Here's a view of the controls.

I like it because it's free with no need to join anything.

You can use this editor then later use another one on the same photo.  Like FotoFlexer.

Maybe they'er not as good as professional programs but they are easy to learn and more than enough for almost all types of photographs.

Here's my other post about photo editors:
Free On-Line Photo Editor- FotoFlexer

Free On-Line Photo Editor: FotoFlexer

Here is the link:
FotoFlexer - The world's most advanced online photo editor

I thought you might like to know about it.  It must be free because of the advertisements, just like on TV.

These are a few effects:
The layout:

This time I used it to make some simple variations on a photo I took from the roof of my brother's home.

You can do much more.  It's free.  You can join and sign in if you want but you don't have to.  I did not.


This has an old look to it.

There's too much color here, like a cartoon drawing.

These two are also cartoon-like.

This is a good old sepia tone. 

This one looks like a hand drawing to me.

This "hand drawing" has more color, isn't as nice for me.

You can also do more serious things like cropping, retouch images to smooth wrinkles, work with layers of images, re-size, change exposure, etc.

It may not be as sophisticated as a professional program but it's not bad.

I found another program I'll show you in my next blog.

A "Practical" Solution

This photo was taken from behind my local Post Office.
I wonder how much thought went into designing this reinforcement for the steps.

Was it built from the top down instead of from the ground up?  Somebody really messed up the measurements this time.
It looks like something I would have built when I graduated from kindergarten!

When you imagine how it might work in an actual fire, you can picture people making it out alive.  Maybe not all in one piece but still alive.


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