Backyard Wild Mushrooms

Under the pine trees on the right side of the yard my wife Lynette pointed out these mushrooms growing.  I went back inside for my camera.
I like the way the stem seems to glow.

These look like they belong in some science fiction movie.  I think they are unopened mushrooms, not some other type of mushroom.

I wonder what the marks on top are.

Looks like something took a bite out of this one.  I hope it's not poisonous.


  1. These are beauties, John. Our yard and woodland looks like "mushroom land"...I have never seen so many types before~

  2. I had a few in my yard this year

  3. Those are quite the mushrooms! They look like they should have fairies, gnomes or at least frogs sitting on top of them.

  4. Mushrooms fascinate me. There are so many different types and most are beautiful. The first one has all those little "things" at regular intervals. Very interesting.


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