Coincidence or Synchronicity?

Carl Gustav Jung
July 26, 1875 - June 6, 1961

Did you ever notice how some coincidences seem to be more complicated than pure chance?  They have a meaning which coincidences do not have.  The event just makes sense even though there is no physical link.  

In an earlier post I mentioned how my daughter took a bus to come visit us. On that bus was a man who offered her some orange flavored Tic Tacs.  She did not accept any.  The man looked a little strange to her.

When we met her at the bus station I offered her some orange Tic Tacs!  Now I usually don't eat orange flavored Tic Tacs but that day I had some. 

Was it pure luck or did it mean something?  Was it some force or intelligence somehow preparing for her visit?

I read that Carl Jung created the concept of synchronicity to explain these types of events.  I decided to do a little more research.

I found this quote:
"Jung believed in the “complex” or emotionally charged associations.
He collaborated with Sigmund Freud, but disagreed with him about the sexual basis of neuroses. 
He founded analytic psychology, advancing the idea of introvert and extrovert personalities and the power of the unconscious."

Here's a good definition:
“Synchronicity is a term used by Carl Jung to describe coincidences that are related by meaningfulness rather than by cause and effect.” ― David Richo

Jung on fantasy.

Have you had any experiences with synchronicity?

A Toad in Our Flower Pot

Lynette noticed a toad in one of our flower pots at night.  During the day it was gone but came back again at night.
I thought it must go somewhere during the day, maybe to look for food, then return to the flower pot at night.

But I was wrong.  The toad dug a hole in the dirt and buried himself during the day and came out at night.

The toad must eat the insects that come near the pot and take in water from the moist soil.  Digging into the dirt protects him from the heat of the day and with its camouflaged skin he's impossible to see.
One night I watched him wipe the dirt off his back with his feet, first one foot then the other.

It's like having a pet just outside the back door.  I hope he stays for a while.


Backyard July 2015

This Hot Air Balloon flew across the yard of our neighbor in the back.  Notice the flame.  We could hear the flame heat up the air under the balloon.  The photos are a bit foggy because it was very humid and the camera lens became coated with the mist.

If you look closely at where the tiny yellow flowers are missing you can see the sunflower seeds.  There was a breeze so the image is not crystal clear the way I like it.

This is where we planted our Red Cypress vine last year and it's starting to come back.

It's growing along the driveway/garage seam.  A seed must have been blown there where it planted itself.  Maybe it was a bird or squirrel.

Flowers and a Bluejay

Break-Dancing ~ Russian Army Dancing

Surfing the web, I found a video of the Russian army soldiers' dance.  Parts of the dance look just like break dancing to me.

So, I looked for 3 videos.  One is of the original Russian dance.  The second is of a break-dance.  The third is of the Russian dance set to break dance music.  Let me know what you think.

Here's the trio:

1. This first video is a little fuzzy because it's so old.

2. Some of the break dancing moves are different but some are very close to the Russian dance.

3. I believe that some of the Russian dance moves are more difficult than the break dancing moves.



The All Knowing Dai Sai

Dai Sai
(English spelling: "They Say")

It's hard for me to believe it when someone tells me something like:

"They say it's not good to answer the phone.  You should let the person leave a message then call him back."

"They say it's going to be a hot Summer."

"They say it's not good to put all your money into one bank."

Some of the sayings seem true.  Some are ridiculous.

It sounds like there is a wise old man named "Dai Sai" who knows everything. I have to confess that I'm guilty of doing it too.

When my wife says it, I ask her who is this "Dai Sai"?  How does he know all this information is true?

"I saw it on the internet."  "I heard it on TV."  "My brother told me he heard it somewhere."

I mean this is an unfounded belief from an unknown source.  Sometimes they quote a poorly done scientific study. Something like too few subjects, who know how they are expected to respond ahead of time.
Sometimes I believe they make things up just to fill in the time.

How do you feel about believing in what "Dei Sai" proclaims?

Sunflowers Blooming July 2015

Our sunflowers grew extra tall then began to bloom.  They don't turn to face the sun though.  Maybe it's the variety of sunflower plant.

The stems are thicker than I thought they would be.  They must be strong enough to hold the plant up.

This intricate swirling detail follows a mathematical rule.  Here's a video I found that best explains it.


This bug seems to be checking out the mathematical details.

Clowns Can Be Scary!

Even without their masks!

The clown from the classical Italian opera Pagliacci 

Try full screen to better see the details.

Here is a video from the TV series American Horror.
It's scarier if you go full screen and turn up the sound.

I found this sexy but scary clown.  
I don't think it would be safe to go out on a date with her.

Terrarium, Sunflowers & Mystery Plant

My terrarium is complete even though one plant is sort of too big.  There's a small Ivy in the back and it should spread out so it will be easier to see.  I wanted a third plant but I wasn't sure if could fit it in.

The Sunflowers are now taller than I am.  They look almost 7 feet tall.  There are no flowers yet but you can see where some of them are getting ready to bloom.


This "mystery plant" is still alive, even after I had to plant it back into the pot with the flowers my wife planted.  She almost threw it away.  But its only about two inches tall and hard to see, so I can't blame her.
It looks like it might be a pine tree.  Maybe it's just a weed.  I'll have to wait and see.


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