The All Knowing Dai Sai

Dai Sai
(English spelling: "They Say")

It's hard for me to believe it when someone tells me something like:

"They say it's not good to answer the phone.  You should let the person leave a message then call him back."

"They say it's going to be a hot Summer."

"They say it's not good to put all your money into one bank."

Some of the sayings seem true.  Some are ridiculous.

It sounds like there is a wise old man named "Dai Sai" who knows everything. I have to confess that I'm guilty of doing it too.

When my wife says it, I ask her who is this "Dai Sai"?  How does he know all this information is true?

"I saw it on the internet."  "I heard it on TV."  "My brother told me he heard it somewhere."

I mean this is an unfounded belief from an unknown source.  Sometimes they quote a poorly done scientific study. Something like too few subjects, who know how they are expected to respond ahead of time.
Sometimes I believe they make things up just to fill in the time.

How do you feel about believing in what "Dei Sai" proclaims?


  1. Well THEY SAY that you should decide for yourself. Yes?

  2. I'm not a fan of the 'they says' or when when people start sentences with the 'you shoulds'.


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