Lead Weighted Darts - Roman Plumbata

I just learned of another Roman weapon called the Plumbata.  The lead must make the impact much more damaging. 

The darts are about a foot or more long (12 inches or 30 centimeters).  

They can be thrown by hand like regular darts or from a slingshot instead of using a rock.

Turn up the sound to hear the swish of the dart.

Here they are mounted behind the shields.

Cell Phone Beginnings and Future

I wonder how the reception was.  

They had a solid brick-like appearance

Here's one possible solution to privacy while on the cell phone.

I Don't Hear Myself Snoring

The other day my wife showed me an entry in her diary about my snoring.  As far as I can tell I do not snore.

Anyway, here's a Korean cartoon about snoring larva.

Some Interesting Sites I Recently Discovered October 2014

Ever since my back operation two weeks ago I'm still trying to get back into a comfortable routine.  
Daily naps, ice packs for the incision site and increasing my time spent walking are recommended.
I don't need to use a cane except for staircases.  I've had a few bad headaches but no fever. When I see Dr Lebl for my followup visit I'll tell him.   

In the meantime:
I've been meaning to add these links to my "INTERESTING SITES" and LINKS TO EXPLORE" lists on the lower right column.
I'm eager to look more deeply into these sites myself.

I found this while looking for the difference between loose tea and tea bags.

About Food

Practical information.
Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions

I want to try one of these courses.


I Just Joined Linda's Lair Blog

Her site has videos, quotes and other wonderful things. It made me laugh and improved my mood. I found her blog after reading a comment she put on one of my posts.

Link: Linda's Lair

Some videos:

So Far My Back Surgery Is A Success!

Today my back is even better. I can now walk without my cane. Climbing stairs is less of a problem.  But for the next six weeks they want me not to lift anything heavy and to rest when I feel tired.

Here is the link to a video from the hospital explaining the procedure in great detail. 

Spine - Lumbar – Minimally Invasive Discectomy (Percutaneous Disc Removal)

After my wife did research to find the best hospital and doctor we drove six hours from Virginia to New York City for my treatment.  It was worth the trip.

Home page:
Spine Care Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery - HSS


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