So Far My Back Surgery Is A Success!

Today my back is even better. I can now walk without my cane. Climbing stairs is less of a problem.  But for the next six weeks they want me not to lift anything heavy and to rest when I feel tired.

Here is the link to a video from the hospital explaining the procedure in great detail. 

Spine - Lumbar – Minimally Invasive Discectomy (Percutaneous Disc Removal)

After my wife did research to find the best hospital and doctor we drove six hours from Virginia to New York City for my treatment.  It was worth the trip.

Home page:
Spine Care Institute at Hospital for Special Surgery - HSS


  1. I am always happy to hear good news when someone I know of has had surgery, John. I wish you a fast recovery and minimum pain. Please keep us informed on how well you are recovering~


  2. wow I am impressed ! this was serious ! I'm glad you feel better now and
    I wish you all the best for the next days john !

  3. Remember not to pick up anything heavy, sometimes that might be a hard thing to remember.
    I am thinking that I remembered seeing your hospital on an advert at a METS game, and it made me a say a prayer for you. I am sure that is the main reason that you are doing so well. So, YOU"RE WELCOME!! HA!! Take care of yourself!

    1. I'll try to remember not to twist or pick up anything heavy.
      Thanks for your prayer.

  4. John, it sounds to me as if they have given you very good advice. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better....and walking better!

  5. My brother had back problems and needed medical help as well. I'm glad your surgery went well, I know how terrible back problems can be for a lot of folks.

    1. Thank you Adam. I hope my back keeps going well. I have a followup appointment on the 28th.


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