Earth Seems to Be "Rising" Over Moon

I want to share this photo I found today on the NASA site.
Though the “earth rise” evokes the sunrise that we’re all familiar with here on Earth, you’d never see this type of image if you were actually standing on the moon (as opposed to orbiting around the moon, like the LRO).
“Viewed from the lunar surface, the Earth never rises or sets,” Arizona State University’s Mark Robinson said in the NASA release. “Since the moon is tidally locked, Earth is always in the same spot above the horizon, varying only a small amount with the slight wobble of the moon.”


  1. The earth has a pretty pattern to it.
    I often go to NASA via the web to see what's happening..

  2. How beautiful..NASA has gorgeous photos on their website~

  3. Slight wobble, that tickles me for some reason. Sorry, just my weird sense of humor!


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