Last Night I Fell

Last night I fell in the garage when I got home from my immune globulin treatment for my CIDP condition.

I don't remember falling but I do remember losing my balance then the concrete floor seemed to come up and hit me in the nose.  Very strange, it must have been a delusion.
"Okay I guess this is how it's going to end," I thought.

Lynette helped me blot up the blood.  I was a bit queasy when I went inside the house to check the damage.  I couldn't tell if I broke my nose and my wrist. The left side of my face hurt.  It felt like a toothache from the molars to my front teeth but the teeth were not broken.

Lynette insisted we go to the ER instead of the local clinic. At the ER I didn't have to wait long and the CT scan showed no broken skull or brain injury.

My nose and wrists where not broken.  My forehead and bridge of my nose were torn up and there's a crease where my glasses were pressed into the top of my nose.

I'm grateful that it was not as bad as it could have been.  I cringe when I think about how I could have had a broken nose, front teeth knocked in, concussion, etc.

In bed I had some anxiety about how much chance is involved in our lives.
You make plans but you can't be sure how things will work out.

Today I had to go to the drug store for antibiotic cream because mine expired. Some  tubes expired 6 years ago, some 10 years ago.

I'm so tired that I'll just take a long nap then stay on the PC.


  1. Oh no...I'm so sorry to hear this. Thank goodness it wasn't even worse. Still. It must have been a very frightening experience. I hope you heal quickly!

  2. It is strange how when one falls, it happens so quickly and unexpected, that it's almost impossible to remember what caused you to fall. I slipped on a newly mopped floor in a hotel in December... so I do remember what caused it, but it happened so quickly that I didn't have time to stop it.
    But I agree that you have to be thankful it wasn't worse. A broken jaw or a broken hip takes a long time to recover from. Hope you heal fast, John.

  3. Thank goodness it wasn't worse! I hope you heal quickly. Did you fall because you fainted or because you stumbled/tripped? I hope it didn't have to do with your treatment.

    1. I'm not sure what happened. I think I lost balance when my legs gave out. I have an appointment to see the doctor next week and hope to find out more.

  4. I'm sorry about your fall. Thank goodness you didn't do a great deal of damage.
    Hope you are soon feeling much improved - a fall is a shock to your system.

  5. Oh, I am so sorry! Please don't beat yourself up about your fall. Just as the comment above says, a fall is indeed a shock to the system, so BE GOOD TO YOURSELF, okay? Healing wishes to you!

  6. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope you feel better

  7. I for one am thankful your injuries are not more serious. Please take care of yourself.


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