Change in Seizure Medication

I visited my Neurologist yesterday. He wants me keep taking my present medication Lamictal and add Vimpat.
I can't drive for six months. It's almost like being under house arrest, allowed to go out only when Lynette drives me!
It all started when I had a small seizure this past Friday.  Lynette called the medics but I was okay soon after they arrived.
I decided not go to the hospital.

I'm afraid it might interfere with the good mood I've been in.  My depression has been gone for several years. The goal now is to prevent seizures from getting worse.

I'll give it a try and see what happens.


  1. It's more important to be healthy than to drive. That's what taxis and Uber are for!

    1. You're right. I'll have to depend on Lynette to take me.
      There is no bus or train service nearby. I'll have to check taxis.

  2. I began taking seizure medication more than 50 years ago. There were not many choices for doctors to choose from. I spent about 6 months sleeping. I sympathize.

    1. Thanks for you're comment Emma. I'll just have to feel
      a little drunk for a while.

  3. I really sympathize about the driving but better to be safe than sorry with the driving. I hope the medication works for you.

  4. You get well, John...adjust to the medication and you'll be driving again in no time.
    Because of the tremors in my hand and two bad knees...I haven't driven for three years now.
    My hubby drives me wherever I need to go now 💮

    1. I guess I have a personal chauffeur for 6 months. It's not so bad.


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