Is This How You Get Organized?

Here's a way to get organized that I found on the web a few days ago.
I've done well if I put what I use back in its own place instead of at random.

I'm not too bad with this one even though I still manage to misplace things.

This all seems too fussy for me. 

I hate organizing my clothes.

No comment.


  1. I keep everything in it's place then it's always easy to find, unless some moves it.

  2. Don't throw out expired medication in the garbage! The drugs in them will leech into the landfill soil and from there into the water table. You're supposed to take expired medications to a pharmacy and they'll dispose of them safely as medical waste. At least, that's what we do in Canada.

  3. I find that the easiest way to stay organized is to have a little crap around the house as possible, so I became a minimalist :)

    And Debra is right about the medication! Just drop it off at a pharmacy.

  4. Isn't it easier to just stuff it all in a bo and store it in the garage?


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