National Microwave Oven Day Dec. 6

From National Day Calendar:

I mostly use my microwave oven to cook frozen vegetables, frozen muffins, potatoes and "TV dinners" .  It doesn't seem like much but I use the oven every day.  
Lynette likes to cook with the stove top and regular oven.


  1. A good invention but I don't use mine much.
    They have a day for everything..

  2. I like them because they use less power than an oven

  3. We use our microwave for reheating leftovers, defrosting food and air-popping popcorn. That's about it! But it does get used every day.

  4. I make popcorn in the microwave because it is easier. I use mine often to warm food or to cook frozen vegetables. What a handy gadget to have.

  5. I forgot to add that my son makes pork rinds in the same way as we make popcorn. I don't like pork rinds and they don't smell good but he seems to like them.

  6. I would miss my microwave terribly if I didn't have it. I've cooked everything except meat and fish in it, and that's only because of personal reservations on how evenly it would cook. I use mine for everything from warming up cat food to heating the hot pad to making dinner and dessert! Off to read some other posts now ...

  7. Microwaves ... at times so handy, but I don't use mine every day.

    All the best Jan

  8. We mainly use the microwave to heat things up...and to melt butter! We pop our popcorn in a hot air popper and then pour over the melted butter!


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