Old Shots of Our Pet Dogs

Unedited photo of York, my son-in-law's and daughter's dog. Never mind red eye, have you ever seen yellow and blue eyes?

I showed these photos and video before but a while ago in different posts.  I had my four hour IVIG treatment yesterday for my CIDP condition, so maybe that's why I couldn't come up with anything new.  (If interested in the details please check the web.  I have foot drop so it's not as bad as it might have been)  
Barkus was my pet Golden Retriever.  He'd love to sleep all day if he could. He had a thyroid problem.  Before him I had a more active darker Golden Retriever called Kringle.  They both past away. Tonight I can't find a photo of Kringle. Sometimes I get so "organized" that I can't find anything. 

Miles with Artic, who replaced York.

Here's a cute video about how a dog can lift your spirits.


  1. I like the colorful eyes. But I also like the extra set of eyes above them.

  2. Always nice to reflect back on ones animals.
    We don't have any pets at the moment, after losing them it's hard to have another.

  3. I love the doggy pictures and the coloured eyes are awesome :)

    I didn't realize you have CIDP. I have a close cousin diagnosed with it a few years back. She uses a walker, or a wheelchair if she has to go any distance. She has the same treatments you do, every week. It makes for a long and tiring day. You did well to put a post together.

    1. Thanks jenny. I'm not as bad. I only have to go every six weeks. When I wear my calf braces I can walk very well. With the treatments I can use stairways now.

    2. That's good to hear. At one point my cousin's treatments were stopped in order to try a different drug, and she got so bad she couldn't get out of bed. So she is definitely better because of them too.

  4. First I've them them two different colors

  5. I've never seen those colours for eyes in photographs. That's quite interesting.


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