Genealogy: Last Class

Last night was my last genealogy class.  I never expected to enjoy what I've learned so much.

Thanks to an excellent teacher-guide a new world of exploration is now open for me.


  1. John-great to see you're enjoying your retirement so much and exploring all these new avenues. I'm retired as well and also an ex-Brooklynite, so we have more than one thing in common. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving the occasional comment. Hopefully, Spring has come to Virginia by now, and the trees are blossoming.

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I enjoy reading your posts.
    Spring is just beginning here and it feels great to be outside in the sun and fresh air even though it is still a little cold.
    Is it cold where you are now living?
    Take care & keep in touch.
    John M


I enjoy reading your comments.
I'll visit your blog.


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