Haunted by Goblins

Objects disappearing then reappearing again in the same or a different location. It’s as if some invisible creature moves things around to watch my frustration as I search for what it took.

The other day my wife bought a bottle of hair dye. When she came home the bottle was gone. I helped her look for it. It wasn't in the car or on the lawn or anywhere. It was a goblin who took it. Two days later we found the hair dye bottle in the refrigerator!

Sometimes it’s my keys, a wallet, a bill or anything. I know the logical explanation is that I forgot where I put them, but I know better.

I’ll have to keep watching for them until someday I catch one in the act. The problem is that if I do manage to catch the creature it will probably scare me to death.

Maybe I should just learn to live with it. That’s the safest way to go. I’ll take the blame and say I forgot or lost the item myself.

Goblins are evil, mischievous, constantly annoying creatures. Only a few inches tall they possess magical abilities.

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