Mind Maps = Concept Mapping

Concept mapImage via Wikipedia

"Idea Graphics" is what I used to like calling "Mind Maps". For me it's a clearer description and includes many other techniques for creative thinking.  
After all the procedure involves ideas not "minds".  It's a visual representation (a graphic) that allows for clarity of ideas and creativity.  It's not always a "map". 
It does not have to be a set method or procedure like using a certain number of colors or using a computer program to set things up for you.
An even better name is "Concept Mapping". But I'll stick with "Mind Map" because that's what most people call it.  

Toy or Old-Tech Stealth Weapon?

My wife found this on YouTube.  It seems like a fun toy but it's too dangerous for children.  I wonder if a terrorist could sneak one of these onto a plane.


A Young Opera Aficianado with an Alternative Ending

It's only a commercial but with the right circumstances I believe it could happen.
The boy is watching from backstage when he sees Pagliaccio.
I love the young boy's facial expression as he feels the singer's sorrow.


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