Guns: Self Preservation or Self Destruction?

A Fantasy

For some unknown reason a fantasy about the "Wild West" combined with feelings from The Godfather movies overtook me.  Here are two photos I found which fit in well with this feeling.

The Brothers "M": Antonio and Giovanni came from Italy to the Wild West.
Armed with their Italian super fast and powerful Berettas, they were no match for anyone who crossed their path.

I then did some research on the Italian Beretta handgun:
This was the gun used by the SEALS in the recent attack on bin Laden.
This is the gun used by James Bond in the 007 movies.
 In April of 1985, the Beretta Model 92 beat out the Colt .45 to become the U.S Armed Forces chosen handgun.
There is a legend about a SEAL motto:
"You're not a SEAL until you taste Italian steel," referring to the Beretta brand's Italian heritage.
Beretta (Owned by the same family for over 500 years)
16th Century Origins
The home of Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. is the village of Gardone, in the center of the northern Italian valley known as Val Trompia. Iron ore in the hills of northern Italy made the area an iron-working center from the Middle Ages.
Bartolomeo Beretta was born in 1490. The earliest documentary evidence of his forge is a contract from the Doges of Venice, dated October 3, 1526.

Then I found two videos that continued my intoxication:

The second video demonstrates how even an out of shape person can use the gun's lethal power:

This post serves as an example of the intoxicating effects of testosterone.  I'm a quiet peaceful man yet I can understand how at times it surpasses the sexual urge and even the need to eat.

I believe this instinct for self preservation can have the opposite effect of self destruction for the individual and possibly for the entire human race.

Too bad violence is so glorified in the popular media.


  1. I've never held a gun, and frankly I never want to; but as you say, popular media is quite enamored with gun violence, and it is indeed a sad state of affairs for us as a species.

  2. Another thing that bothers me are the violent video computer games. Are they a subtle way to teach our youth to be violent and hardened to death?
    They improve skills of aggression, observation and quick response.
    Maybe it's a way to train future solders.

  3. I used to be a fan of video games, but the gun violence in the industry now is quite graphic for my taste; I grew up on Mario Bros. I have talked to some kids who only play shooters, they are indeed a bit more aggressive than most.


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