Example of a Code That Is Simple To Set Up Yet Difficult To Solve

I thought up this code myself.  Maybe I saw it somewhere and forgot where but as far as I know I figured it out myself.  Of course others must have also thought of this code.

See my earlier post for an explanation of the code:

I'm sure experts will have other ways to solve this code but it will be unsolvable to the average person.

1. Both the person sending the code and the person receiving the message must have the same reference text.  In this way the code can be solved only by having a copy of this text.
2. The code is numerical using a set number to space out the words.

Example of a reference text:
"I must tell you how much I enjoyed making up this code.
The hope is that this code is difficult to solve."
(The space number will be 7)

Using this reference text I compose my new message:


To find the solution to the message:
Remove the spacer number 7:
This leaves the following numbers:
14  4  8  11

Going back to the reference text:
Find the word by its location:
The 14th word is: hope
The 4th word is: you
The 8th word is enjoyed
The 11th word is this

Hope you enjoyed this.

The code can be made more difficult by counting the letters instead of whole words and the reference text can be longer. Also the spacer number can change as you go through the code.
Without the reference text and spacer number I don't think the code can be solved.


  1. John, Thanks for your well wishes back at my site. Hope your daughter made it through it all okay, Ken

    1. Thanks Ken. Luckily where my daughter lives they had no flooding, only a few trees fell over.

  2. muy complicado para mí! Saludos y feliz fin de semana.


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