Secrete Invisible Text Code

I was playing around with different fonts and colors when it occurred to me that there was an easy way to hide a message within a document on your PC. 


--> The secrete message is hidden here. I hope you enjoyed this post!

How it's done:
~Just type as usual.
~Highlight the text you want to hide.
~Pick a color to match the page color. Use white text color on a white page and so on.
To read the message you only have to highlight the text. 

Example: There is a hidden message in this post above the words How it's done: .
For an Email message highlighting the invisible area is also required in order to read it.

Copying and pasting the text on a document page will show the message without highlighting it. It won't be hidden. Also, this will not work with some document programs like word processors. 

If it doesn't work in a document program then send it as an email.

If you try it let me know if this works for you.


  1. I do this on mulledmadness to add keywords to describe the pictures I post. Helps the search engines I believe.

    Great trick. :)

  2. I'm going to use this to hide messages in emails and notes. It's like the way I once used lemon juice on paper. When you heat the paper the message comes through.

  3. It's a cool way to say everything we want!
    thanks for remember me of this :)

    1. I'm happy you enjoyed it. I just read your post about Dexter. Very good!

  4. Hello John!

    Thanks for Informations, very good!

    Have a good week my Friend!

    Brasialian clik.

    1. I sent an email to my daughter asking her to find the invisible message. I enjoy using it.
      Thanks for adding my blog to your blog list.
      Enjoy the week.
      ~John M


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