Getting Old, Thinking Young

Yesterday I attended a six hour lecture about the aging brain.
"Advances in Preventing Cognitive Decline: Getting Old, Thinking Young"
The lecturer is a research professor at Johns Hopkins. The hippocampus was one of the main topics discussed.
The hippocampus is a complex neural structure (shaped like a sea horse) consisting of grey matter and located on the floor of each lateral ventricle; intimately involved in motivation and emotion as part of the limbic system and has a central role in the formation of memories.  

It was very interesting but I'm sure I won't remember the complex medical details; which are too much for the average person like myself.
I made an outline of some of the information that I believe I can use:
~SLEEP (usually 7 to 8 hours) (6 to 9 hours as needed) Don't set alarm?
~STRESS- AVOID! (Affects the health of hippocampus as does depression and anxiety. The nerve structure physically changes into a less healthy state!
~HEART HEALTH = BRAIN HEALTH (The brain needs the blood flow to stay healthy, so exercise 30min)
~BRAIN EXERCISES (see below)
~SOCIAL CONTACT ("not Facebook") I imagine face to face interaction may be better.
~MEDITERRANEAN DIET (olive oil, nuts)
~CAFFEINE ( 200 to 400 mg helps) I was surprised by this one.  I drink plenty of tea so I should be okay.
~No benefit from Co Q 10,  Vitamin E,  Vitamin B-12,  Folate (though they may be good for other health benefits) This also surprised me. I'm taking a multivitamin with minerals now. I'll have to check into what health benefits other supplements may have.

Learn something new.
On-Line and iPad free games and exercises
Drive a different way to home or to work
Learn a new language
Mirror Drawing

Learning tips:
~Spacing out learning with breaks in between = learn & remember more and longer than cramming.
~Testing frequently while learning.


  1. I will defly try the exercises!

  2. Me encantó esta entrada y yo también desconocía lo de la cafeína!Justamente estoy leyendo un libro sobre el funcionamiento del sistema nervioso y la creatividad.Me encanta el tema. Un abrazo grande.

  3. My mother who is 70 is learning Latin. Having finished a course in genetics. She is a retired violinist. Never too old to learn new tricks.


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