Freedom from Work

"On the one hand we love work for what it brings -- security, self-esteem, comforts, human contact, challenge. 
On the other hand we resent it for what it demands of us -- the time we have to spend at it, the energy and freedom it seems to take from us.
How many of us, if given the money we now receive from work, would still choose to spend our time in an office, a truck, a store, a print-shop or a coal-mine? The majority want what work gives, not the work itself.
This new freedom requires a new kind of work -- work on ourselves. In this respect we have not reached the end of work at all. There has merely been a shift in the arena of work from outer to inner. A shift to the next phase in human evolution."
~Peter Russell, Spirit of Now

This is an interesting point of view.
     But what about those who love their work?
          Can you have it both ways?
               Maybe only meaningful rewarding work?

This is from a post on Spirit of Now blog.  The blogger seems to make money from lectures, books, etc. But some of his posts are thought provoking.

For the complete article here's the link:

Let me know what you think.


  1. Ho sempre amato il mio lavoro, tutta la vita un lavoro da creativa pubblicitaria e a volte scherzavo con i miei colleghi dicendo a loro " pensate che pure ci pagano per divertirci" : ) ....peccato che non l'ho più ...... buona giornata! Cri : )

    1. Sono contento che ti piace il tuo lavoro Christina.
      Godetevi la settimana!


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