My Mushrooms Came Back to Life!

If you've kept up with my blog you know about the mushroom kit I received as a Christmas present.  If you like you can fined the posts by using the "Search" gadget under the "About Me" gadget. There are tabs for This Blog, Interesting Links and The Web.  It should be under the This Blog tab.

Well I was supposed to put the kit in a dark place and spritz it with water twice a day to keep it moist. This time I left it on a tabletop and never watered it.
One day I noticed that the mushrooms were back!

They're supposed to be edible "oyster" mushrooms. Last time I let them dry out instead of eating them. This time I may take a chance and try one.


  1. Jphn it's a great way to gather mushrooms while at home You,delicious! :)

  2. Fantastic and fun, too!!! I have to admit that I don't eat mushrooms, but they sure do look tasty :)


    1. I tasted a piece. It's sort of a bit peppery.

  3. Mushrooms are delicious! Unfortunately I've learned over the years that raw mushrooms will give me a migraine (and I've quit eating the cooked ones too... just to be safe). But I do agree that they are delicious!

    1. I'd give them up too if they gave me a headache. I know someone whose throat closes if she eats one!

  4. It looks delicious,, even raw, such a smoothie , like a cheese over pizza. I never seen such before. May be in my country eadible Mushrooms are not usually available.Mostly in Tins.

    1. That's a good description of how they look Kiran.
      I like their almost meaty texture and mellow taste.
      I usually buy them fresh from the supermarket.
      I grew this bunch from a kit my daughter gave me as a Christmas present. Maybe I'll buy another kit. They sell them on
      Have a great week!

  5. Gode billeder.
    Jeg spiser dog ikke svampe.
    Ha´ en dejlig dag.


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