My Heart Scan Was Good!

This is an actual 3D Multislice CT scan 

The results from my CT-Cardiac exam were great! Dr. Insel called to let me know.
I have no calcium deposits and no blockages. He wants me to see him so he can go over the details.

I didn't have any symptoms but my doctor said it would be good to make sure nothing was wrong with my heart before any problems develop. It was because my father died of a heart attack and my lipids (cholesterol, LDL, Trigycerides...)  are a little high.

Today I can celebrate the good news!


  1. Such great news and you must have been relieved to hear this. I hope you can later share what each of the parts are as I'm quite interested in knowing about this. I can't see the plugin above using this browser so I'll come back later to take a look.


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