Georgia Font

These are the fonts available for my blog. This line is the default font.
If I use the bold setting (as in this line) it makes no difference in the appearance. 
Italic shows up like this.

The Arial font of this sentence must be the default because it looks the same.

Courier is definitely different. It looks like the text of an old fashioned typewriter!
It's a bit fainter.
The bold print is not any "bolder" for any of these fonts. It must be set up that way by my blog template. 

I like the Georgia font best.
The italic is even better.  It seems  more personal to me, like an easier to read script.

Helvetica seems almost the same as Arial!
The italic is different.

Times  is the smallest here.
Italic is also small. 

Trebuchet is okay.
The italic is a little different. 

Verdana is not bad. It's the largest.
Here is the italic.

Now I'm printing the rest of this post in Georgia italic. I wonder if I can get more fonts by somehow going to the "Template" section. But if I do that it might convert all texts making it difficult to choose another text for a particular effect (like using Courier to mimic a typewriter on occaision).

Below are images of other fonts I downloaded as photos.  Maybe that's the only way to do it.  I found these on the web.

Here's an interesting table I found that explains how some fonts can be used and their technical category.

Here the Georgia italic is put into the Serif  category for"Tradition & Comfort"

You can spend hours playing with the small differences in fonts.  I had fun with it. I'd like to have more choices in my blog post fonts.  Maybe I'll find a way.

Do you know how I can do this?


  1. many!!! I love the "chiller font"!

    1. It would be good for Halloween.
      If I find a similar font on a word processor, I can type the post there then use the "Snipping Tool" from my pc. I can upload it to my post as a photo.
      There must be an easier way!

  2. This was an interesting post, John. I think I've been using the default font. I may try Verdana.
    Actually I like scripts, but I think some people find them difficult to read.

    1. I also like scripts but as you say it may be difficult to read.
      Printing them in a larger size helps. It takes up more room on the page.

  3. John, this is a fantastic post! We all like different fonts. I like Verdana and I am going to try Georgia italic. When I use italic Verdana it's not so easy to read.

    1. I'd like to switch between fonts but there are only about 6 that come with my blog template.
      Like I said, there must be an easier way without the risk of making a mistake that ruins my blog. It could make that one font be the only one available after the change. I don't know.


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