I Can Feel Autumn 2013 Will Be Here Soon

We slept with the windows open last night.  There was a slight breeze and the temperature got down to about 71 degrees.  It felt great!  Autumn is on its way.

I still have tomatoes growing in the garden.  They are mostly green.  It's taking a little longer for them to ripen.
Later on if they stay green I'll have to let them ripen indoors.  I've heard they'll ripen faster if you put them in a brown paper bag.

Lynette's mother is in the hospital because her sodium levels were very low and her blood pressure was too high. She's 90 years old so her doctor wants to make sure she's stable before sending her home.

She seems a little confused.  It's  sort of funny yet worrisome.  According to her there were spiderwebs over her head and bugs on her IV line.

Her mom thought the hallway was the street and insisted that Lynette go out and collect the mail.  To calm her down Lynette pretended to do this.

"That's not the mail! You can't fool me."

I hope this is only temporary.


  1. We also open windows in the late evening and the cool breeze blows from mountains.

    You had a nice little visitor, John. I like this bird.

    I hope that everything will go well in your family.

    Greetings from Kaya.

    1. Thank you for your kind wishes Kaya.

  2. My thoughts are with you, Lynette and her mom. It could be temporary...I pray it is so~

    Your photo is so beautiful, John! You do take great shots!

    I'm wishing for the crisp, clean winds of autumn right now :D

    Your Friend,

  3. John, my MIL was just in the hospital last week. She also had some strange hallucinations. She's 95. I do believe it is due to the blood chemistry getting *off* (low sodium, low potassium, even low Oxygen levels). And she saw and said some strange things too. But she is home and fine now.

    Hopefully your MIL's condition will be taken care of and she too will be home soon.

  4. Espero que tu suegra mejore pronto.
    Me encanta el comedero de pájaros de la foto.(Siempre quise tener uno).Preciosa fotografía.
    Por estas latitudes yo me estoy alegrando porque pronto llegará la primavera y los días más cálidos.
    Un abrazo grande.

  5. Well, its still nice weather over here and having the windows open day or night in September is a miracle. I've also heard that if you put tomatoes in a brown paper bag they ripen quicker, so maybe you should have a go and see if it works.

    Wishing Lynette's mum makes a full and quick recovery. I wouldn't like to experience bugs on the IV though, not a nice thought.

    1. Thank you RPD.

      I love the change of seasons!


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