I Want My Stitches Removed Now!

This afternoon at 3:45 I'm going to see doctor Swope.  He's the surgeon who preformed my operation.  I want to get my stitches out early before I go on vacation.  If not I'll have to reschedule my vacation.  

Maybe I can get the stitches out after my vacation.  I'll ask him what to do.

My mother-in-law is being discharged from the hospital this afternoon.  My wife said she's still a bit confused but her hallucinations have stopped.  I probably won't be there to see her. It depends on what the doctor does to my hand.

Wish me luck!


  1. The best of luck to you, John and to your mother-in-law and your wife. Think positive thoughts and hope for the best...

    Your Friend,

    1. I saw the Physician Assistant today. I can wait until after my vacation to have the stitches out! I just have to keep the wound dry. I don't need to put antibiotic ointment or Betadine on it. He also said not to grab tight on anything so as not to tear the stitches apart. Now I only have a band-aid on it.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts.

      Your Friend,

  2. John, I must have missed your post about your hand operation. Exactly what did you have done? I saw the picture of the nodule and wondered what that was. Was it removed? What caused it? Did it present a problem for you? I'm curious as I have a small lump that is at the base of my thumb.

  3. Indeed, I do wish you much luck and hope you don't have to change your vacation.
    Take care.

  4. All the best John, it seems like everyone needs it right now and I hope you get to go on that vacation too.

    1. Thanks RPD,
      It looks like I'll be able to go on vacation after all!
      My mother-in-law is back at home.
      My stitches can stay in for another week until I get back.
      Take care,
      Your friend ~John


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